Montag, 5. Januar 2009

Twelve days off now.
We, that is my place of work, all had to take three days off this month because of the slow down in production.
It's paid holiday but it comes off of my entitlement.
Not happy about that; I mean, who wants to take holiday in January?
Nobody, that's who. Unless you have a birthday this month, which I do.
Still not happy about it though.

My neighbour was told the other day that if the doctors don't do something soon, his heart will give out inside of five years!!!
He's only about forty four. He drinks, but not much, he does sport and he doesn't smoke.
Where is the justice in that? How can there be an all-seeing all-knowing being up there when travesties of fairness like that are going on all around us?
Compare that to my laughable problems.
You can't, can you?

So stop whining Jones!

ok, ok...


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