Montag, 31. März 2008

Now I know it's definitely there.
Someone, somewhere is making a decision on my future and there's not a thing I can do about it. I feel as helpless as a dog hearing his owner say, "You know what, I think I'll get him 'Done' today".
I just hope they're not in a bad mood when they do it.

Tee, (of THAT synopsis fame) had some bad news the other day. Her dung eating agent dropped her from his books. I mean what's all that about? First she's the new J.K. Rowling and now, in the sniff of an otter's nose she's practically thrown to the mercy of the literary welfare state.
I dunno, where's the justice in this world?
(There isn't any Reg, unless you're a dung rolling Politician. Lot of animal excretia in today's entry isn't there?)

Right, I'm off to bed. Nightshift does tend to take it out of me, not as young as I once was yerknow?
Sweet dreams Reg.
Have a wonderful day faceless agent who holds the key to my partial happiness in her hand.

Reg :-)

Samstag, 29. März 2008

It's Saturday morning.
I wonder if it's there yet?
There could be someone at the Agency right now reading through it and thinking,
"Cor Blimey, this is a bleedin' winner if ever there woz one!"
(The agency is in London so I envisaged a Cockney agent, hence the attempted accent.)

Nightshift last night.
It was bloody murder, literally !!!
One of the chaps ran over a pidgeon, (well we think it was a pidgeon, it was very squashed) with his Schlackentransporter.
They're seven meters wide, five meters tall, twelve meters long, weigh over eighty ton, and carry a load of up to eighty ton, (the vehicle that is, not the pidgeons) so you can imagine how flat and diskus-like the poor (supposed) bird was!
The driver obviously didn't do it on purpose, he's far too nice, but we still called him a cold-blooded murderer all night.
Who say's the Germans haven't got a sense of humour?

Wouldn't it be great if the agency phoned me up?
Or even left a message on my website or blog... I'm dreaming again aren't I?

I might have Angels in the next book, instead of Nephilim.
Have Lilith trying to start a second War of the Heavens or something... Mmmmmm...


Or..? Mmmmm.
Not too sure about Angel mythology.
I'm off to do some reading.

Bye all.
Reg :-)

Donnerstag, 27. März 2008

before I start I'm going to say a few "Thank You's" to some people.
Ads, Dix,Bob, Joey, Andy, The Chee and Gareth for your input and opinions.
It wasn't always what I wanted to hear but that's what an opinion is all about, right?
Ads again for being there from the start, insisting that I write something and then tirelessly listening to every single stupid idea I had about the story. Also for the help with the printing and other office supplies... oh and all that beer...
George, who is brainier than Einstein's family tree, with your teacher's eye for terrible spelling and bad grammar, your incisive wit and cutting sarcasm, you managed to catapult me back to 1980, English with Mr. M. Jones. I'm still seeing the Post Traumatic Stress Therapist now.
Richard, for your support, ideas and technical know-how with the website. What a great website, (S.A. I mean).
Teresa, of Shasta fame, who's synopsis made ME want to read my manuscript again and for kicking my butt... but that's another story.
All at Struggling Authors for their occasional, well timed support.
Lastly, but definitely not leastly, my wife and kids for their unstinting belief in everything I do. (wipes a tear away...) I LOVE YOU ALL !!! (runs weeping from the podium)

So, Oscar "Thank You's" all given out, let's get to business.
I sent the covering letter, new synopsis and the first three chapters off today.
Fingers crossed, eh?

It's a very good name in literary representation and I'm probably punching above my weight, which if you knew my beer belly ... well never mind; but I am optimistic.

So it's either Shampers all round, (no, not shampoo Tee) or practise that Hangman's noose thing in a couple of weeks, depending on the outcome.

I rather like Sparkling Wine to be honest so fingers, toes and any other dangly bits crossed, eh?

I hope the Angels are smiling on me on this one, I really do.
Reg :-)

Mittwoch, 19. März 2008

Did I tell you about the synopsis?
Oh, I did.
Well, I've changed it, quite a bit actually, but kept to the original format sent to me by Teresa.
I think it works, but who am I, eh?
Now all I have to do is rewrite the covering letter to fit the new agency, reprint the new and improved first three chapters, synopsis and aferomentioned letter and, after finding some British stamps for the S.A.E., send it off.
Now that it's been proofed and printed I think my turnover in sending my MS's off will be far quicker.
Doesn't sound too confident that, does it?
"My turnover in sending my MS's off."
Ah well, reality never hurt anybody, unless your name's Britney Spears that is. (Bad joke, bad karma...)
Right I'm off.
Reg :-)

Freitag, 14. März 2008

Woah !!
Friday already ???
Where did the week go?
Whatever, I haven't got that much to tell you actually.
Teresa sent me a very good rough for a synopsis.
It's an outline of the story and a marketing ploy all in one and it's also something I would never have come up with in a million years.
So a big ´diolch yn fawr` (thank you very much), for that. I'm most grateful.
You can find her Blog at

and that will take you to her website as well, if you so desire.

Ja... und weiter...?
Well that's about it. I spent the week working or being poorly, (self induced I'm afraid) and it's somehow rushed past me like a terrier chasing a rabbit.

They say that the older you get, the quicker time flies so I shouldn't be surprised really should I?

Reg :-)

Montag, 10. März 2008

Actually, it's about 15 minutes into Monday morning but I'm not one to be pedantic about these things.

Friday I wrote a short, simple synopsis and binned it. It was stilted, the timing was awful and my attempt at seriousness with an undercurrent of subtle wit came across like a vicar telling jokes at a funeral.
I decided to do it on Saturday.
Unfortunately Saturday coincided with Wales winning the rugby and when I came home from shift I picked a mate up and we drank the night away in celebration, (although he's English... whatever.)
So, all in all it wasn't a very productive weekend after all.

I know, I know.
I hate me too.
But I'm defo on the right track to get it done this week.
It's all in the mind you see. Mental approach and all that.

Reg :-o

Samstag, 8. März 2008

I can't tell a lie, I haven't touched the manuscript, synopsis or covering letter since Frankenscooter entered the sad series of mishaps and disasters that parade under the name of "Reg's Life".
All that stops here.
It's now 0023 hrs and I'm about to conduct a minor stealth incursion into the dark world of SS Division Vampyr...

I'll let you know what happens on Sunday...

Montag, 3. März 2008

The weekend starts here !!!
Well, I'm off for two days now, I go back to work on Wednesday morning, early shift.
However, this time there's a subtle difference. I won't be pedaling like a blown donkey on my old, trustworhty but hard work in a headwind bicycle. Oh no, I'll be cruising in on my new, all insured, all singing, all dancing scooter... luxury lad, luxury...
All good things to those that wait.
ps, Next entry will be about my book. I promise.

Samstag, 1. März 2008

Well what a week I've had.
Wednesday I slotted the battery in again and give it another go.
It worked.
I jumped on and whizzed around the village, (I live in a village in case you didn't know, population of 23, four of which are old age geese), in my trackie bottoms, Homer Simpson tshirt and slippers, oh and no helmet.
Thursday I planned my jaunt a bit more and wore normal clothing and safety gear. It rode like a dream and I managed to get 40 kmh out of it; not bad when you consider it hasn't moved under its own power for over 18 months now.
Now all I need is a bit of insurance and I'll be terrorizing Frau Schmidt from number 10, down the road, with loud revving and honking of horns before you can say "Hairdryer"!!

Work, on the other hand, has been a nightmare and I'm not a happy teddy, I can tell you.
Never mind, life goes on with or without you, eh?

Have a spanking weekend, (not meant literally there) and I'll catch you again.
Reg :-)