Samstag, 1. Oktober 2016

One month on and all is well!

Nigh on a month since my last post and all is well.

The Left Eye is out and the support it's had has been phenomenal. My friends have shared the link, written reviews, bought it and basically given me a warm, fuzzy feeling in my belly with their kindness.

There was a time when I dreamed of earning a living wage with writing, but these days of Kindle and self publishing have all but killed off that idea. The market is saturated to the point of bursting, with over 4.6 million ebooks in the US alone. To make a living with writing, a sustainable living, is open only to the few select, lucky writers who have the right connections or have somehow struck gold. I am most definitely not one of them.

So why write then?
Well, because of days like this, when you see your work, the fruits of your cerebral labour, being feted and supported by your friends and family. Messages of congratulation, endorsement, admiration even, (plus the few lines of derogatory banter) make everyone smile, and I'm no different. Writing is a nice hobby that has the added bonus of making me feel good about myself.
I don't crave applause, but I defy anyone to say they don't like it.

So there we have it, the story is out with a great cover and is riding a wave of encouragement of tsunamic levels. So I'm enjoying the moment and living a small portion of the life I once dreamed of.

It'll all be forgotten by next week, but for now the feeling is nice.
Thank you all.