Mittwoch, 22. April 2015

The Sisterhood of the Serpent

It took me just over two years to write, and it shows!

The Sisterhood of the Serpent was written in stops and starts, between short stories for competitions and anthologies, and so consequently it suffered in continuity... horribly!
Going through the story I'm finding forgotten characters and artifacts that colour the story... and I'm finding them ALL THE TIME!!
It seems that nigh on every chapter has a new weapon, situation, scar or character trait that I've forgotten.

What do we learn from this kids?
If we're going to start a book, stick to the plot and do not deviate until it's finished, or at least note the differences for future reference. It saves an awful lot of cleaning up afterward.

Wild Wolf have been good to their word, House and Division are on their books, but unless they start selling I don't see them being in paper anytime soon. Paper really is where the kudos lies, but the reality is that nobody wants to invest effort in something that isn't bringing in the readies. I recently bought a paperback book of Division, (second hand) and paid €17 for it, and felt mildly ripped off if I'm honest.

Americymru have released Eto 2, which is a collection of short stories by Welsh authors. My short, The Left Eye, is in there too. Americymru have said it'll be put into print as well in the near future.

Ravenous Roadkill is ticking along. The Fiddler's Soul sold a few at the beginning of the month and Chronicles has as well. Nothing breath-taking, but puttering along.

The €17 second-hand book was for a mate of mine. We've decided to have a go at translating Division into German. We regularly meet up in our fave pub, (the Jever Klause in Salzgitter) to drink a few beers and talk rubbish, and on one of these relaxed little sessions he brought the subject of translating one of my books up. It'll be a slow process, but I'm not going anywhere, neither is Sven, and I'm really up for the idea. See what happens, eh?
Instead of beer and talking bollocks, it'll be beer and work... Mmmmm, anyone else feel like they're watching a trainwreck in slow motion here?

And that's it peeps. That's all my book linked news for now.
As you were.