Mittwoch, 31. August 2016

The Left Eye.

A while ago I wrote a short story for an American/Welsh anthology called "Eto". 
Americymru is a website/community that strives to build links between Wales and America. They're a happy bunch who teach Welsh online, cover Eisteddfods and run writing competitions. There was no money involved, they'd publicized my work for nothing over a period of months and when they asked if I had a story over for their collection, I gladly scribbled one down.
The story, about a young lad in post war North Wales who is cursed by a gypsy, was well recieved and though they hardly sold anything, I was glad to have helped.
Two years down the line and I have the rights again, to do with the story as I please. So when 13th Sign mentioned they were doing a quarterly magazine and asked for stories or articles, I offered up "The Left Eye".
To cut a long story short it was deemed too good to be just given away, which is nice, so we've decided to release it on KDP, (it's only 10,000 words so Ravenous Roadkill will probably release it for a laughable 99 pence... like all our Kindle releases) AND in the 13th Sign magazine, for nothing.
Poppet from 13th Sign made a great cover, and Paul, Poppet and Elaina cast their beady eyes over it for mistakes, of which there were probably plenty.
I'll do a cover release nearer the time of publication.

On another note, I've been writing again, and not just poems and short pieces either.

To be honest, after my promotion at work things suddenly became a lot more serious in regards to my work/play ratio, which was never good in the first place. 
Now I can't just go to work with my finger up my bum and ponder storylines, character development or do online research, I actually have to think!! 
Anyway, that took the edge off of my "mojo", (whatever that actually is?), and I've been stuttering and spluttering ever since. However, all is not lost and I'm back on track, sort of. "The Division of the Damned part Two: Gulag" is in the process of being conjured up!
Time will tell, eh?

Anyway, that's the news for now.
Thanks for dropping by ;)

As you were.