Montag, 7. November 2016

Books !! Paper ones !!

Suddenly Ravenous Roadkill find themselves with an embarrassment of riches in the paperback stakes!!

Basically, Wild Wolf have let us put the Kindle books they have on their books into paperback, which is totally righteous in my humble opinion. As of this moment in time, "Wild Wild Dead", "London Warriors" and, "The House in Wales" can now also be treasured and enjoyed in paperback; how cool is that?

We're looking at releasing Paul's "Sharc" series and "The Division of the Damned" as well, but those will have to wait.

So if you fancy a pleasant read in paper, check out the links:
London Warriors

Wild Wild Dead

Satan's Band

The Chronicles of Supernatural Warfare

Sisterhood of the Serpent

The House in Wales

Hey, while we're at it, have a look at Paul's page on Amazon: Rudder's stuff

And here's me: Reggie's stuff

Also, many MANY thanks to the cool peeps at Wild Wolf, publishers of fine literature and all round good guys. They have only ever supported Paul and myself, there's never any stress and I really hope to go drink beer with the makers and shakers of the crew one day, (my highest compliment).

Okay, as you were...