Mittwoch, 10. November 2010


Is it really that long since my last post?
I have absolutely nothing to report I'm afraid.
Well, just one or two things.

My friend Vanessa gave my first chapter a going over that resembled a wrestling move. She pulled out so many points that I felt I was watching a magician extracting hankies from a child's ear! Dirty ones at that :-(
However, it was all very educational and I'm grateful to her for the Full Nelson writing class: it hurt but I learnt a lot :-)
Check out her Blog at:
  ... and learn some stuff ;-)

My current project should really be my War and Peace meet Jurassic Park thing but it isn't.
I feel compelled to scribble down a ditty about my thoughts on my ever increasing homesickness and coming to terms with it.
Sounds boring?
Fair one but it's my Blog so I'll do what I want to :-)
Actually I'll be posting it on the Boy from the Bay site but the link will be posted here so don't worry, (not that anyone was but it's nice to kid myself now and then).

Right, for the time being that's it.
Still nothing... wait a cotton picking moment here!
How could I forget??

Tee, darling Tee of Erasmus fame, has placed my Short Story page as a link to the Night Reading website. People read chapters, poems, etc. and vote on them. If enough people give their thumb print for a piece of work and it reaches the top spot it goes into print.
Nothing will come of it but it's the thought that counts, eh?
Thanks Tee.

Right, that really is it now.
If "Division" reaches publication tomorrow I'll let you know but until then the next post will be a link to my new venture.

Tara Peeps :-)