Montag, 15. Dezember 2014

A Yuletide news round up.

 With Christmas stalking us like a hungry goodwill monster, I thought I’d write a quick catch up on what’s been happening recently.

Firstly, my short for the “Drakon Castle” anthology is in, and the book should be out next week!! Just in time for Chrimbo, I hear you cry joyfully…

Whatever, I’m not sure if it’s going to be in paperback yet, but the ebook version will be out soon. Obviously I’ll be ramming it down your collective Facebook throats when it is released.

The idea behind it is to use the very loose constraint of a place called Castle Drakon as the foundations for a story. For example, my effort is set around a place in north Wales called Gwrych castle, which I’ve cleverly renamed to Drakon castle, in the 1920s. A young reporter from Chester is invited to witness the first attempt at filming Satan being summoned from hell, and obviously it all goes horribly wrong. 

Another author, Bev Allen, has set her story in the kitchen. It deals with a cook, trying to catch his master’s eye and failing dismally, until he buys some addictive mushrooms from a travelling merchant. Bev’s contribution is an EXCELLENT read, by the way. I know it sounds like some seriously thin propaganda, but I’m genuinely looking forward to reading the other stories.

My other news is not so good. My publishers have published the release plan for next year, and I won’t be on it. Actually, I have nothing finished to offer anyway, so it’s not a big surprise. If and when I finish my manuscript, Elaina said I should send it in, but their ISBNs are all used up and it won’t go into paperback until 2016, if at all… which is kinda the sticking point.

Well, we’ll see what happens. It’s not like my sales have been doing much recently, and I do like Thorstruck, so I might just see if they want it, and if they do, just go ebook. Then again, I might not? It’s not like they’re waiting for me to write something so they can survive, is it? Thorstruck will survive with or without me, it’s just that it’s so nice and cozy there.

As for the paperbacks of my books, I can’t see them being out for Christmas, somehow. Thorstruck have other priorities, the antho being the biggy right now. However, my army of loyal readers, put away those nooses, sharp knives and other implements of attention-seeking self harm, they will be out at some time, just not yet.

Right, that’s it for now.
As you were.