Samstag, 28. Juni 2008

I've sent an introductory email off and still recieved no answer.
I think it lies with the layout of my email actually. I'll give it a week and then try again with a better researched mail of inquiry.
Started on Book 2 again. The Nephilim are out and it's just Von Struck and his guys fighting Lilith and a couple of other creatures of the night.

And that's about it actually.
The footy's been great recently but it just drives home how bad England, (and by default Wales) are in the greater scheme of things.
My own thoughts on the problem are that we've got too many stars and not enough cohesion. Hopefully Fabio Capello can gel the guys together into some sort of team.
Unfortunately, the rot set in at the end of Sven's reign and Mclaren simply let it grow. Capello's going to have to root out the bad apples and lay down a new format.
We should be looking to Spain for our rolemodels; now that is a collection of superstars that's been moulded into a team.

Dienstag, 24. Juni 2008

Friday brought with it a flood of ale and a rejection in the post.
Ah well, nil desper... nil desperan... nil des, oh sod it.


However I didn't let it spoil my weekend in Blighty and we had a great time.
I couldn't get over how expensive it was though, Cambridge is bloody expensive.
Three quid a pint !!!
What's all that about, eh?
We were drinking Hobgoblin real ale and it was so yummy I just couldn't stop.
Now I'm broke and grasping for excuses to my wife as to why I spent so much.

So, onward ever onward, let's see if I can find another agent to spread the word according to Reg...

Stay safe and keep Mum and nobody need know that you're not a virgin anymore.

Reg :-)

Mittwoch, 18. Juni 2008

Still nothing from the postman.
I wonder if they'll get in contact via email? It'd be a lot quicker.
I've been scanning my Spam file but there's nothing there.
Anyway, only time will tell.

Montag, 16. Juni 2008

Friday evening, (during half time for the Holland game) my wife had to take me to hospital. The pain was too much, it went right along my jawline AND across my cheekbone. It was 'moider' as that guy from Hart to Hart used to say.
Anyway, they gave me a couple of painkillers and told me that if it's still hurting on Monday I should go to the dentist. Luckily it hasn't hurt all weekend so no trip to the Driller Killer for me, thank Tarby,

So, still nothing from the Agency. Good, good...

I'm going to scribble a bit more on the Frank Delaney thing now. Haven't done anything all weekend and the keys are calling me... must obey... must obey...

Reg :-)

Freitag, 13. Juni 2008

Well, still no answer.
Fingers crossed, eh?

How many times have I chanted that little mantra I wonder...?

I'm a bit on the poorly side at the moment. There's something wrong with my jaw or ear or cheekbone, take your pick. It started with toothache, but all along the right side of my mouth. It was a bit likehaving overly-sensitive teeth but it went right into my roots. The weird thing is, and the main reason I don't think it's classic toothache in the true form of the word, it doesn't hurt when I eat. In fact it gets better when my jaw is moving!!! (I know, I know, cue the 'your jaw never stops moving anyway so what's your problem' joke). The thing is, when it does hurt it hurts right along my jaw, on the hinge (as it were) and my cheekbone. Make of that what you will Nurse, and take your cold thick thermometer out it's starting to hurt !!!
Anyway, I've taken some Ledum and if it doesn't stop hurting by monday I'm off to the Docs for some treatment, or maybe the dentist for some drilling. I haven't made up my mind yet.

Teresa, (of THAT synopsis fame) seems to be doing alright with her American Agency.
She's had to pay for a critique, which seemed a bit steep to me but what do I know; but there's regular contact, so fingers crossed, eh? (There I go again!)

Reg :-/

Montag, 9. Juni 2008

Well it's off.
Now once again I hold my heart in my hands as the relentless mill wheel of destiny grinds ever onward.
Will my manuscript pass through it unscathed or will it be crushed under its remorseless tread?

Actually I'm hoping for the former of the two choices, but I'll take what comes.

Reg :-)

Still haven't heard from this guy who's meant to be translating it for me.
Now that's a bad sign.

Mittwoch, 4. Juni 2008

Still no stamps.
the letter, the synopsis and the first three chapters lie before me like lost children waiting to be picked up by mamma and mamma ain't got the busfare...

Whatever, Frank Delaney's coming on. It's back to me to deliver the goods again so I'm going to fill in a bit about Frank's past and his struggle for recognition as an escaped POW. Something along the same lines as what Bobby Garwood went through on his return to the good ol' US of A.

Check out Garwood on Google, it's quite an eye opener how he was subjected to a very intense smear campaign against him after his arrival back in America. His name is still not cleared and some of the websites about his experiences are extremely anti towards him.

Whatever, it seems America was riddled with dodgy goings on during the Vietnam war. Senator John Mcaine, (who is the Republican Presidential candidate) has also been accused of conniving with the Vietnames Communists during his time in a POW camp. There's a film on YouTube called, "Missing presumed dead". Look it up, it's interesting. Actually there's also a whole rook of films about Mcaine, both for and against him.
Senator John Kerry (D) came back to America after the war and went on the campaign trail with Hanoi Jane Fonda, demonstrating against the war in Vietnam and calling American soldiers murderers! Check out the website, it's an education in itself:

The site is very nationalistic but you'll get the message they're trying to convey.

Why is it the Big Boys can get away with it but the little guys get it in the neck?

...because that's life Reggie.

Reg :-(