Dienstag, 24. Juni 2008

Friday brought with it a flood of ale and a rejection in the post.
Ah well, nil desper... nil desperan... nil des, oh sod it.


However I didn't let it spoil my weekend in Blighty and we had a great time.
I couldn't get over how expensive it was though, Cambridge is bloody expensive.
Three quid a pint !!!
What's all that about, eh?
We were drinking Hobgoblin real ale and it was so yummy I just couldn't stop.
Now I'm broke and grasping for excuses to my wife as to why I spent so much.

So, onward ever onward, let's see if I can find another agent to spread the word according to Reg...

Stay safe and keep Mum and nobody need know that you're not a virgin anymore.

Reg :-)

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Well I had friends over so missed the match ... bummer.
Just saw result on the 'net news.
Am full of red vino so will talk when sober. Prob tomorrow.

Anonym hat gesagt…

I've never been to Cambridge but I'm told it's pretty......
Everything is expensive in England these days. I had some friends over from Holland (Utrecht) and they couldn't believe it. Everyone seems to live on credit cards at the moment. Not wise but useful I guess.
I'm pleased you found another agent and the rejections don't hit so hard after a while do they?
When I get the time I will talk about my critique on SA.It's mostly flowers and roses but they slipped in a loaded gun with one bullet in also.
FD has taken a back seat at the moment but I hope to meet up with him at the W/end ;-)
My cat is fussing to be fed so.......