Mittwoch, 18. Juni 2008

Still nothing from the postman.
I wonder if they'll get in contact via email? It'd be a lot quicker.
I've been scanning my Spam file but there's nothing there.
Anyway, only time will tell.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Well it's only been 11 days so far. No news is good news right? And I waited up to 3/4 weeks for my replies.
Remember they can have up to 400 MS's to go through a month and yours may be the 400th.
So remember what your mam said:
Patience is a virtue and possess it if you can seldom in a woman but NEVER in a man.
So there you have it. Take your medicine and go to bed. It'll be better in the morning.
Lecture over.
Yeah ...... bitch bitch bitch I know.
Horses for courses and all that stuff ^.^

Anonym hat gesagt…

Keep taking the pills honey ;-)

Michael Ballack sold Germany for me they played a blinder. I did say I would support Germany origionally didn't I? But then there's Holland....Oh Germany?Holland? Holland? Germany? Oh shucks indesisive me eh?
And Another thing... I'm out tonight and all over the w/end so will miss loads.
However..... I may record them though ;-)