Samstag, 28. Juni 2008

I've sent an introductory email off and still recieved no answer.
I think it lies with the layout of my email actually. I'll give it a week and then try again with a better researched mail of inquiry.
Started on Book 2 again. The Nephilim are out and it's just Von Struck and his guys fighting Lilith and a couple of other creatures of the night.

And that's about it actually.
The footy's been great recently but it just drives home how bad England, (and by default Wales) are in the greater scheme of things.
My own thoughts on the problem are that we've got too many stars and not enough cohesion. Hopefully Fabio Capello can gel the guys together into some sort of team.
Unfortunately, the rot set in at the end of Sven's reign and Mclaren simply let it grow. Capello's going to have to root out the bad apples and lay down a new format.
We should be looking to Spain for our rolemodels; now that is a collection of superstars that's been moulded into a team.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Well at the moment I have given FD my hayfever and he has been very poorly.So he has gone no where. Apparently it has never been this bad before and at first he thought it was flu...again. But hey he's a gutsy little fighter so he will overcome. Hopefully he will be showing up this arvo or at the latest tomoz. Me? I've got to cut the lawn before I need a machete and a pith helmet.This will do my hayfever the world of good and deprive me of all the other chores I should be doing.
So Spain for me then as my friends live there, but I'm also still harbouring a dark little grudge from when they beat England. Having said that M B is rather cute when he's laughing so I may go for them instead. Mind I did say them in the first place so maybe I should stick with Germany after all.
So back on the writing front again then Rego. Glad to hear it and I feel this book will flow more easily once you have set the plot etc. In fact I feel it will be in record time and you will be very pleased with it.
Popped over to SA and apparantly Richard is writing again.
I also put my thoughts down on Literary Agents.
However its nearly 10am so got to get this day on the road now.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hah 3 Cans of Aldi cider??
You are sooo cheap !!!