Sonntag, 24. Oktober 2010

Short Stories page.

Short Stories page.

I've added a short stories page to the Blog so anyone who feels the need to read my work, can. No real reason, it's just that I wrote them and am proud of them, so why not put them out there.

A couple have been published but I thought I'd put the ones that hadn't up as well because:

a.) It's free.

b.) I can.

c.) There is no c because a and b are so good.

So now you know peeps.

Here's the link to go straight there if you're reading this on Facebook or MySpace:

Short Stories

I suggest copying and pasting one story at a time onto a Word document and printing it off, it's far easier on the eye than reading from the screen, believe me.

Take it easy.

Reg :-)

Dienstag, 12. Oktober 2010


Off home to Wales for a week, can't wait.

Tee, have a decko at the "Tasters" page and tell me if you're happy with it please.

See you all again.
Reg :-)

Montag, 11. Oktober 2010

Simon Dallimore and the Fountain of Youth

Simon Dallimore and the Fountain of Youth

So, a while a go I put down that I was involved in a secret project so classified it made the security precautions for the Manhattan Project look like a doorman at the local village police station open day.

Well the time is now ripe to TELL ALL !!! (Gasp, shock, horror!)

A mate of mine celebrated his 40th birthday on the weekend and my present was a book.
The book was written by myself and published on, (who did a bloody good job) and then given to him on the night.

The story involves my mate Simon Dallimore and his imaginary adventures when he accidentally stumbles on a genie and the Fountain of Youth. Packed full of bad language, bad jokes and bad taste, I made every effort to be as politically incorrect as possible and to include as many of his mates in the story as I could.

It's only 40 pages but it pleased Simon so that's all that counts.

If you're interested, go to this link and have a decko. There's also a teaser on there, (Vorschau in German).

Click on it, under the picture of the cover, and you can have a read of the first couple of pages.


If you decide to part with your pennies and buy one, I can assure you that the profit margin on this for me is cents, literally; I simply rounded up the minimum price that demanded so it'd be a nice round figure, instead of the €7.44 they wanted.
There's also a hardback version but that was only because I wanted Simon to have a book that will last for years and go on to be a family heirloom... yeah right ;-)

So now you know peeps.
Have a browse and enjoy, lol
Reg :-)

Freitag, 8. Oktober 2010

Chapter One

So peeps,
 As you all know, I've never really taken myself too seriously and though I love writing, (some would say TRYING to write) I realise I'm limited in my capabilities.
Anyway, I've decided to put the first chapter of Division up for your perusal, (enjoyment, disdain, mockery, take your pick) and to Hell with it.

Division of the Damned Chapter 1

I'm getting myself sorted for a new project, one I NEED to see through; so Division is sort of in the back seat now. Well more like in the boot actually.

As the Russians say, "Support of failure leads only to failure" so I'm moving on.

Feel free to comment on the first chapter, all opinions taken and promptly ignored if they're bad, lol.

All the best.
Reg :-/
PS The Russians don't actually say that, I made it up.