Sonntag, 24. Oktober 2010

Short Stories page.

Short Stories page.

I've added a short stories page to the Blog so anyone who feels the need to read my work, can. No real reason, it's just that I wrote them and am proud of them, so why not put them out there.

A couple have been published but I thought I'd put the ones that hadn't up as well because:

a.) It's free.

b.) I can.

c.) There is no c because a and b are so good.

So now you know peeps.

Here's the link to go straight there if you're reading this on Facebook or MySpace:

Short Stories

I suggest copying and pasting one story at a time onto a Word document and printing it off, it's far easier on the eye than reading from the screen, believe me.

Take it easy.

Reg :-)

18 Kommentare:

tee hat gesagt…

Reg they are fantastic. Why aren't they in a compilation book?
Can I put links to them on NP?

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Lol, well thanks Tee :-)

Feel free to link it where you want Tee, I know you don't deal in dodgy websites and, as the saying goes in Tibet, any good coverage is good coverage.

tee hat gesagt…

I'm always amazed when links work, modern technology is fantasmogorical.

Those sneaky Tibetans they get in everywhere.....

V hat gesagt…

You know, I'm so proud of you for being so proud of you! (Yeah, exactly what I meant.)


R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Yeah Tee, that Dalai lama guy sure is one clever cookie!
Me too V., me too, lol.

V hat gesagt…

Hi Reg. I printed the first chapter of your manuscript for Division and just finished reading it.

Yes. I like your story! and I like your style. There are only a few things I would suggest and others you've missed.

I can't find your email on this blog... you should have one in every corner for agents to contact you if they wish.

I would like to send you an email myself, with my notes on this chapter. Doesn't seem appropriate to spill it out here or in my blog.

You can reach me at

Let me know if you do want me to send my notes to you. I won't mind if you don't. I really won't, as I know that sometimes even constructive criticism can be depressing.

It was already positive to practise what I've learned on your work, nonetheless.

Thanks for sharing this chapter with us!


PS: I love what you wrote inside the tab "About Me." I read it before Chapter One and it really gave a lot of credits to you and your story. I would only suggest that you paste that content under the tab with the book's title, as it's not about you... but about how the story came to be. Or create another tab named "About the Story" ?

Great research, Reg.
Hugs from Ireland!

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

V., that's a great point on the email address thing, can't believe I didn't think about that.
And yes, I would love to see your notes on the first chapter, any input is good right now, lol.
You're also right about changing the "about me" thing to "about the story".
Thanks :-)

tee hat gesagt…

Reg The ARC by Paul A Rudd started out on SA and I interviewed him. It's on SA under interviews somewhere. Then I suggested he put the 1st chapter over on to NP and I reviewed it from there. It really is far superior to JAWS and well researched IMHO. Here is the link to his blog and i'm guessing the review by me. If you're interested in it he is published by Authorhouse and ironically has my origional agent !!!
Tee :-)

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Irony indeed Tee!
I'll give it a look, I love the whole megaladon thing but unfortunately there's too many badly written, over the top books on it.
If it looks good, I'll probably buy it :-)

V hat gesagt…

Hi, just to let you know I've decided to read 'it' ;) on paper.

I've changed it from double spaced to simple. It's now a block of 191 pages, standing right here, over my desk. And I suspect I'll have a ball

See ya mate.

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Lawks a lordy V., you must have a cracking printer, lol. Mine has problems after four pages. It just kind of packs in for a while before carrying on, I really must get a new one in the January sales.

Well, I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to reading your overall impression of my weighty tome, lol.

V hat gesagt…

You're on the list!
(number 4, I believe)

Samsung MonoChrome Laser Printer

It's faster, prints better and saves a lot more than the inc ones.
But as the name says, it's Black and White: less expensive.

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

My word!
It's probably ceilinged now but it was nice while it lasted... lol.

tee hat gesagt…

lol The Island of Whispers is great for all ages.
It is a bit gory in places but i'm glad I took the chance.

V hat gesagt…

It's this what you meant?


1. The upper interior surface of a room.
2. Material used to cover this surface.

Nah... I like the wall's paint colour :P

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Tee, it sounds good, a bit like a Vermin Watership Down massacre, so I thought I'd give it a go.
V. I meant more along the lines of it'll stay at number four because more interesting things will pop up as you go on and you won't get to read it.
It was a joke, unfunny and flat but still a joke.
I know, I suck at jokes :-(

V hat gesagt…

never heard that expression... interesting! Thanks.

PS: Oh... almost forgot: ah. ah. so-funny-when-you-bring-yourself-down... (stop, drink a beer instead will you?)

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

(Opens fridge, chugs beer.)