Montag, 11. Oktober 2010

Simon Dallimore and the Fountain of Youth

Simon Dallimore and the Fountain of Youth

So, a while a go I put down that I was involved in a secret project so classified it made the security precautions for the Manhattan Project look like a doorman at the local village police station open day.

Well the time is now ripe to TELL ALL !!! (Gasp, shock, horror!)

A mate of mine celebrated his 40th birthday on the weekend and my present was a book.
The book was written by myself and published on, (who did a bloody good job) and then given to him on the night.

The story involves my mate Simon Dallimore and his imaginary adventures when he accidentally stumbles on a genie and the Fountain of Youth. Packed full of bad language, bad jokes and bad taste, I made every effort to be as politically incorrect as possible and to include as many of his mates in the story as I could.

It's only 40 pages but it pleased Simon so that's all that counts.

If you're interested, go to this link and have a decko. There's also a teaser on there, (Vorschau in German).

Click on it, under the picture of the cover, and you can have a read of the first couple of pages.


If you decide to part with your pennies and buy one, I can assure you that the profit margin on this for me is cents, literally; I simply rounded up the minimum price that demanded so it'd be a nice round figure, instead of the €7.44 they wanted.
There's also a hardback version but that was only because I wanted Simon to have a book that will last for years and go on to be a family heirloom... yeah right ;-)

So now you know peeps.
Have a browse and enjoy, lol
Reg :-)

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