Mittwoch, 31. August 2011


Just in, hot of the press, 30 minutes ago.

Hi Reg,

Sorry, missed this one. I thought I had answered all my NR messages.

We will be with your book this month - what with total re-writes of books, our Internet collapsing for several days, new promo initiatives, the summer holidays and a thousand e-mails flying around from authors wanting updates, life is a little but hectic, but we are busting through.

So there you have it peeps, the mills of Night Publishing grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine... or was it the Mills of Justice?
Ah, whatever.

I've been asked by a very nice lady to write a piece fror her Blog about extreme music and why I like it. Actually, what Hannah really asked for was a write up on loud music and beer drinking of which I'm quite the scholar at, if I say so myself.

Anyway, I'll be doing that shortly.

Apart from that, I'm plodding along nicely with The Eckton Empire.
I've managed a whole bunch of ideas for my Classical Horror short story thing and done enough research on it to cure Ebola!!

As I wrote, not much going on, but it's getting there...

Take it easy Peeps.

PS. I'm playing a gig on Saturday as well. It's going to be a fiasco!! The organisors have billed it as a festival but there's only TWO bands playing... DOH !!
Total Fail.
Whatever, I get to play live, drink free beer and scoff free bratwursts so it won't be THAT bad now, will it? Yuck yuck yuck...