Montag, 27. April 2009

Four months and a couple of weeks and I still haven't heard from them!!

Is this good?
Is this bad?
Why don't they get in contact with me, to allay my fears and sooth my shattered nerves?????
I lie awake at night, rehearsing my acceptance speech for the Nobel Literary prize or, more darkly, wording my suicide note after the fall of rejection… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAArgh !!!

Please, put me out of my misery!!!
But do it nicely with an email to say you like my work and want to publish it.
Thank you.
Reg :-0 !!

PS. Only joshing about the suicide thing, I'll probably just turn to some form of mild self-mutilation; along the lines of spoiling my strict calorie controlled diet plan with 15 pints of Guinness… or something like that.
You know the form.
Actually, I could murder a beer right now... ... ... Mmmmmmm.

Samstag, 25. April 2009

Oscar, Mike, Golf…
OMG, is it really that long since I made my last entry???


The problem is I have nothing to report.
I'm still working in the garden, I haven't heard anything from the publisher I sent my MS to and I've had no rejections or acceptances for my short stories. I haven't written anything either, which makes it doubly shameful… tsk tsk.

I have one piece of news actually. The band I write the lyrics for are finished in the studio. Next week is the big, "Meet the band" day with the press. However, obviously I won't be there because I can't get the time off at work; which is a bit of a kick in the conkers considering we're on short time at the moment.
Once again, Fate vomits in my porridge...
Ah well.
I'm off now so have a good one.

Reg. :-)
PS. Wanna see a great drummer? Check out this link:

Click on the vids of the guy at the drums, he's very good believe me.
Even I can't do what he's doing… not that that means much but you know where I'm coming from, right kids?
Right Reg.

Donnerstag, 16. April 2009

So many things happening this week and not one of them to do with my literary aspirations…

Liverpool are out of Europe, after a game that would have reduced Arnold Schwarzenegger to a dribbling wreck. Eight goals fell in one game, the final result being 4-4; it was one of the best games I've seen in ages.

I'm still busy with the brickwork. The thing is, when you're on your own everything takes longer. And then I had to wait for sand, which didn't come until Tuesday because of the Easter Bank holidays. Whatever, it's coming slowly.

So where does that leave me in regards to writing?
Well, I haven't written a thing.

Speaking of lyrics, (which we weren't), the band that I write the lyrics for is in the studio. The drums and one rhythm guitar are already down, after two days, (which is exceedingly quick for twelve songs) and all seems to be going well.

Right, that's it.

Tara peeps. I'm on nightshift tonight and then I'm off all weekend.
Nice that, innit?
Reg :-)

Montag, 13. April 2009

Easter Monday.
I have been so busy recently, the time has flown by.
Still plodding on with the bricklaying for the patio. It all goes so slowly when you're on your own but that also gives you time to work things out.
I just put some music on, mix that cement and do my thing, it's quite therapeutic actually.

The kids are all chocko-ed out now, from the mountain of chocolate they were given yesterday. The Easters of my youth were limited to three Easter eggs, (from Mam and Dad and the grandparents) that were eaten over a period of four to five days, meals permitting.
My kids demolished the same amount in one afternoon orgy of sweetie excess that would have put the Cookie monster to shame.
You turn your back on them for ten minutes and they're off, noshing on everything sweet and brown.
So today is no sweets day, by order of strict parent Reggie. :-/.
That's the type of guy I am.

Right, I'm off back to the brickwork.

Have a good one.

Sonntag, 5. April 2009

Sunday already.
Where do the weekends go, I ask myself?
Yesterday was a big day at the Fire Brigade. It was the handover of their new Fire Engine and it went down swimmingly well.
It started at 1430 hrs. and as of 1800 hrs. it was free beer all round.
I worked a bit behind the bar and helped out in general, (mainly because there was a small radio behind the counter and I could listen to the footy scores as they came in).
All in all it was a great day/night.
And, well, that's about it actually.
I haven't managed any writing and the only creative output I achieved was laying the brickwork for the wood patio I'm building next week.
So, on that happy note I'll bid you a fond fondue.
Reg :-)

Freitag, 3. April 2009

I sent my manuscript away in December, (the twelfth actually) and I still haven't had a rejection.
Going by my track record, this is a record.
I just hope my aspirations and desires are realised. (Which they won't because fortune likes to see me cry, but I'll deal with that when I get there.)

I had my first practise with the band on Wednesday. It went really well and it was a great feeling playing the music that I love in a room of like-minded individuals. We played the three songs that I'd learnt and Marius, the rhythm guitarist, said that one of the songs, ("Time will tell" by Pro Pain. Look it up on YouTube ) was the best they'd ever played.
Which was very satisfying, I can tell you. :-)

I also spent 1500€ on wood and bricks the other day, which is why I haven't written anything for a while. I've been preoccupied with preparing the ground for my projects, which was harder than it sounds.
Murky Depths rejected my short story the other day. Which is a shame because I wrote it especially for them but that's the way the ketchup squirts, I guess.
Whatever, have a good weekend.

Reg :-)