Montag, 27. April 2009

Four months and a couple of weeks and I still haven't heard from them!!

Is this good?
Is this bad?
Why don't they get in contact with me, to allay my fears and sooth my shattered nerves?????
I lie awake at night, rehearsing my acceptance speech for the Nobel Literary prize or, more darkly, wording my suicide note after the fall of rejection… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAArgh !!!

Please, put me out of my misery!!!
But do it nicely with an email to say you like my work and want to publish it.
Thank you.
Reg :-0 !!

PS. Only joshing about the suicide thing, I'll probably just turn to some form of mild self-mutilation; along the lines of spoiling my strict calorie controlled diet plan with 15 pints of Guinness… or something like that.
You know the form.
Actually, I could murder a beer right now... ... ... Mmmmmmm.

2 Kommentare:

tee gloatee hat gesagt…

I had two rejections. One last week and one this..........another pandemic?????????
What a stony path this is.
However - onwards we ride :-)

tee in the sun hat gesagt…

It's thought by the all knowing that if you haven't heard after three/four months we should begin to look elsewhere.
One guy I read about waited ten years to get published then everyone wanted him.
Makes you want to throw up a parrot.
.........Come on the gooners :-)