Samstag, 25. April 2009

Oscar, Mike, Golf…
OMG, is it really that long since I made my last entry???


The problem is I have nothing to report.
I'm still working in the garden, I haven't heard anything from the publisher I sent my MS to and I've had no rejections or acceptances for my short stories. I haven't written anything either, which makes it doubly shameful… tsk tsk.

I have one piece of news actually. The band I write the lyrics for are finished in the studio. Next week is the big, "Meet the band" day with the press. However, obviously I won't be there because I can't get the time off at work; which is a bit of a kick in the conkers considering we're on short time at the moment.
Once again, Fate vomits in my porridge...
Ah well.
I'm off now so have a good one.

Reg. :-)
PS. Wanna see a great drummer? Check out this link:

Click on the vids of the guy at the drums, he's very good believe me.
Even I can't do what he's doing… not that that means much but you know where I'm coming from, right kids?
Right Reg.

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