Freitag, 26. September 2014

Finally! Amazon pull their finger out...

So there you have it, all three of my books are now out on Kindle with Thorstruck Press.
Of course, as ever, this final release did not go by the numbers. Amazon decided that despite the fact Thorstruck sent them:
1.) A letter from Taylor Street to say The House in Wales no longer belongs to them.
2.) A letter from me to say Thorstruck Press have the rights to The House in Wales.
3.) A letter from them to say they are going to re-release it.
 That they didn't have enough clarity on who owns what and took the book back down.

I've always said Amazon are brilliant if you're a customer. However, try selling anything on their platform and they make you jump hoops, swallow fire and sign your soul over before they agree to anything. They had all the information already, they just couldn't be bothered looking for it and so demanded we send it all again.

Anyway, drama over, and it's now up. Time for me to get back to writing my WIP...

It's just occurred to me that I don't have a trailer for House.
I think I'll do that today!
Why not, it's the weekend, let's go crazy!

Okay, as you were.

Montag, 8. September 2014

Audio book sample!

Well, it's on the verge of popping up on Amazon, (ooer, sounds a bit rude!), and I don't mind telling you that I'm so excited about it, I'm fit to explode. (OO-ER!!!)

The audio book for The Division of the Damned is now being finished off, (ooer) and packaged into a tight little pressy that'll have your whole family squirming in fear and delight when you give it to them at Christmas. (I hope you noted the omission of any "innuendo-exclamation" there. Even I have some morals, as hard as they may be to discern).

Have a listen here, then mentally make a note to buy it for everyone; because nobody should be starved of the joy of Nazi vampires just because they can't read. 

Right kids?

Right Reg. Now they can listen in to the gore :)

Right, as you were.

Montag, 1. September 2014

New trailer, new release!

This is what I posted on my Facebook page for my latest release. The Chronicles of Supernatural Warfare, seven years in the making and about seventy years of wear and tear on my nervous system. The original idea came from Teresa Geering, of the Shasta trilogy fame, who liked my short stories and suggested they should be put together in a collection. A couple of years later I mentioned the idea to Paul and that started the ball rolling. 

This is actually the second publication. Paul Rudd, (the other chap who contributed) published it a few months ago, albeit for only a couple of weeks. It sold one or two copies, mainly to friends, and then was taken down when Thorstruck mentioned they might be interested.

My good mate George Winterbottom provided the third eye of editing, Andi Renson made a cover, Paul formatted it and I watched bemusedly on as it was published with as much pomp and ceremony as our meagre wallets could promote, then promptly taken down.

Edited again, with a new cover and publishing house, (Our publishing house was called Rampant Roadkill, we even had a logo and everything), Chronicles is out now, on Amazon and I'm very proud and happy.

Further to this, The House in Wales should be re-released very soon, Amazon and the Gods willing, so that'll be all three of my books out on Thorstruck Press.
I'd better sort my act out and put fingers to keys for my next book, hadn't I?

As you were.