Freitag, 29. August 2008

The weekend has arrived and I'm on early shift.
Whatever, on Saturday I'm off to a party so I've decided to take the Sunday off in case I'm somewhat ale-damaged after Saturday's excesses...
Haven't done very much writing recently, not a good thing. Seem to have lost the flame as it were.
Ah well, it'll come back again sometime.
Still not heard from this agent.
I wish he'd get in contact it's been nearly two months; oh alright six weeks but it feels like two months I can tell you.
Anyway, must dash.
Reg :-)

Dienstag, 26. August 2008

Great Scott, is it that time already?
I can't believe I haven't written anything for so long.
How awful of me.

So what have I been doing all this time?
Working in the garden, helping my neighbor with his scaled down version of Lake Baikal, working in the steelworks and helping my good mate Dixie with his new house, (although admittedly I've only been there once, I did however do some work there and that's what counts, right kids?)

Writing wise I seem to have all but dried up. I climaxed in Spain and now I'm wallowing in the soft, contented afterglow of the furious pace I set on holiday.
I will get down to it but there simply isn't enough hours in the day at the moment.
Ah well...

I still haven't heard from the agency I sent my MS and stuff to. I think I sent it on or around about the 12th of July, not sure to be honest. However there must be an answer soon, surely. I'm not sure my Spain-rested nerves need to be shaken back to their pre-holiday state so I'm hoping that a reply, (and preferably a positive one) will soon be forthcoming.

So now you know.
Reg :-)

Sonntag, 17. August 2008

I read an interesting post in a forum from the agent I sent my MS to. In it he writes that the last two months have been all go and that he's had no time recently for anything else but his present clients. He also runs an editing service but there's no alarm bells on that because it's separate to his representation agency.
Anyway, as optimistic as I am, that could be the reason why I haven't heard a dicky bird from him since I sent my 'stuff' all those many moons ago.

Gulag really is moving on now. I put down a couple more pages yesterday and I'm happy with where it's at for probably the first time since I started it.
Sometimes a story takes on a life of its own and you suddenly find yourself in unchartered waters thinking, "How the hell did I get here?"
However, I'm determined that will not happen with this one because I want to get it finished; though that could take a while at my present pace.

After Gulag I think I'll give Von Struck a rest. I've come up with a brilliant plot for another book which I can only describe as being something like a cross between Jurassic Park and War and peace !!!
AND there's Frank to think of...
Oh dear, I'll have to slow down methinks.

Reg :-)

Samstag, 16. August 2008

I'm back.
Spain was brilliant. The food, the people, the booze, scorching days and balmy nights...
We're all commited fans of our Iberian cousins now and hopefully we'll have enough money in the kitty for a sally back there next year.

Anyway, to business.
Gulag was once again stripped of its content and then rebuilt to a new glory.
Actually, I broke into a roll on Gulag and managed to write some good stuff. Obviously it'll have to be checked and re-checked, (George, Ads take note) but on the whole I'm glad with what was put down, (15 pages, double spaced A4.)
I could have written a lot more but the kids wanted time with me as well; so I was forced to leave the haunted icy Siberian wastes to dip into the clean blue warmth of one of the hotel swimming pools...
As I said, Spain was a REAL holiday and All Inclusive is heaven on earth.
In fact, all it needed was for all the waiters to have been barely clad Megan Fox/Anna Kournikova look alikes and it might well have been the Welsh Nirvana my grandad used to harp on about after one too many Best Bitters in the British legion.

Ah well, roll on next year...
Reg :-)