Freitag, 29. August 2008

The weekend has arrived and I'm on early shift.
Whatever, on Saturday I'm off to a party so I've decided to take the Sunday off in case I'm somewhat ale-damaged after Saturday's excesses...
Haven't done very much writing recently, not a good thing. Seem to have lost the flame as it were.
Ah well, it'll come back again sometime.
Still not heard from this agent.
I wish he'd get in contact it's been nearly two months; oh alright six weeks but it feels like two months I can tell you.
Anyway, must dash.
Reg :-)

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Right then Reggo give the agent another two weeks and if there is no response how about a nice ...."I sent you a manuscript xxx amount of weeks ago. Whilst realising it's probably at the bottom of the pile" etc. (Or something like that) It's not something I would normally recommend but hey what you got to lose anyway buddy.Enjoy the party and yep you WILL have a sore head on Sunday but I just get the feeling it will remind you of FD and away you will go again with the words. NO that is not a hypnotic suggestion it just popped in to my head as I was typing.
Today I'm playing catch up with a friend in the town, and this afternoon the kids are over with baby.
Its combined with Hello mum how you doing/can we get the kettle on/can I just borrow/cadge (usually tools to dig his new veggie patch)
Today it's a spare composter I've got which is full.
He also usually does any odd jobs which need doing so there is no complaint from me.
Arthritus in my hands and spine puts paid to a lot of things but hey life goes on eh? Iv'e had it since my twenties so I'm used to it. The heat is my favourite pal as it eases off then.
Sunday I intend to just sit in the garden and enjoy it. Probably the kiss of death on the weather but who knows?
Oh to be in England when..........