Donnerstag, 21. Juli 2016

News! Finally!

Yes, something has happened!
At last I have something to report in my blog!!

Firstly, let me just say that I think my mojo has returned... whatever a mojo is? Sounds like a make of Italian sidecar but that's by the by. It's all come about quite suddenly too, let me explain...

I used to belong to a vibrant and happy stable of authors who wrote and published for Thorstruck Books, (or Publications? I can't remember). 
Anyway, we had a tremendous esprit de corps amongst our ranks; with every one of us rooting for the other, helping with edits, promotion and opinions, and all the goodness that comes out of a collective with a dream. 
Alas, when Thorstruck closed its doors, the dream withered as we went our separate ways.
Two of my books went to Wild Wolf, who also have a great sense of community and mutual support, and Paul and myself released two books on Ravenous Roadkill.
However, I won't lie, I missed the constant chit chat we had on our Thorstruck page. Wild Wolf is far larger than Thorstruck, and we weren't, "discovered" by the guys making the decisions, so there was no major support. That's not dissing WW, not by any means! It's just Division and House had run their course and nobody throws money or effort at dead fish.

Paul and myself, (Ravenous Roadkill) are defo on the same wavelength in all manner of things, but he's as busy as I am so our communication, besides the online Facebook banter wasn't anywhere near like Thorstruck.

ANYWAY... Poppet, one of the movers in Thorstruck, decided to start an ezine with a couple of friends, and long story cut short, she invited us ex-Thorstruckers to participate.
It sounds daft, there's no money involved, well not yet, and I'm not even sure what I can contribute with? Do horror stories have any place in a magazine that wants, (and I quote),
"book reviews and releases, author interviews, gardening articles, natural health articles (with journal references), and earth and animal friendly products"?

Who cares, whatever they want I'll deliver, because I'm back with the guys and it's going to ROCK !!!

I'm stoked, does it show?
Check them out here: 13th Sign Publishing

Take it easy.