Freitag, 8. Oktober 2010

Chapter One

So peeps,
 As you all know, I've never really taken myself too seriously and though I love writing, (some would say TRYING to write) I realise I'm limited in my capabilities.
Anyway, I've decided to put the first chapter of Division up for your perusal, (enjoyment, disdain, mockery, take your pick) and to Hell with it.

Division of the Damned Chapter 1

I'm getting myself sorted for a new project, one I NEED to see through; so Division is sort of in the back seat now. Well more like in the boot actually.

As the Russians say, "Support of failure leads only to failure" so I'm moving on.

Feel free to comment on the first chapter, all opinions taken and promptly ignored if they're bad, lol.

All the best.
Reg :-/
PS The Russians don't actually say that, I made it up.

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