Dienstag, 28. September 2010

The Eye of Erasmus

My friend Teresa's book, "The Eye of Ersamus" is now on Amazon to buy and it's a lot cheaper than what I paid for it I can tell you. If you live in Germany, go to this link to buy it:

The Eye Erasmus

And if you live in Britain, try this one:

The Eye of Erasmus in Britain

See what I did with the links there?
Good aren't I?

I have nothing else to offer by way of news because I have done nothing.
I know, I hate myself.
Reg :-/

4 Kommentare:

V hat gesagt…

Oh, then there's the two of us... I have done nothing but study... a way to avoid writing on my novel, of course! Having that cousin here really made me lose rack of the story... and since then I'm not willing to do it as before.

But I just finished reading another manual today so tomorrow there's no excuses... Back on the story.

If you don't hear from me in a while it's because I'm writing :)

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

I hear you on the "avoiding writing" front V, if I can't get it together soon I'll probably be starting a new book, lol.
Good luck with the writing.

The Frisky Virgin hat gesagt…

I hope you don't think this is silly, but I had to give you an award. Hope you don't mind--I just really like your blog and sooooo appreciate your comments on mine. :)Check my blog for the details when you get a chance. :)

tee hat gesagt…

Did I say I lurve ya hun? Thank you thank you ad infinitum.
As per 'tasters' over on SA by Colt can you let me know by my private email what you want me to write up about 'Division' please. My blog tab 'more about SA' gives an example of what Colt wanted.
Then I will copy and paste from email. See what I did there? :)