Montag, 3. März 2008

The weekend starts here !!!
Well, I'm off for two days now, I go back to work on Wednesday morning, early shift.
However, this time there's a subtle difference. I won't be pedaling like a blown donkey on my old, trustworhty but hard work in a headwind bicycle. Oh no, I'll be cruising in on my new, all insured, all singing, all dancing scooter... luxury lad, luxury...
All good things to those that wait.
ps, Next entry will be about my book. I promise.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Well Reg I hope you enjoyed your "poodle" into work today.
Don't try and kid a kidder. You said the next blog will be about the book. Yeah yeah likely story man. Hows the synopsis coming? good I hope.
I went to send you a message just now and put in my name first lower down and made a right pigs ear of it. Shouldn't do this AND drink red wine I guess :-) Is this a face that looks bothered? Nah.
Mad Tee.