Donnerstag, 27. März 2008

before I start I'm going to say a few "Thank You's" to some people.
Ads, Dix,Bob, Joey, Andy, The Chee and Gareth for your input and opinions.
It wasn't always what I wanted to hear but that's what an opinion is all about, right?
Ads again for being there from the start, insisting that I write something and then tirelessly listening to every single stupid idea I had about the story. Also for the help with the printing and other office supplies... oh and all that beer...
George, who is brainier than Einstein's family tree, with your teacher's eye for terrible spelling and bad grammar, your incisive wit and cutting sarcasm, you managed to catapult me back to 1980, English with Mr. M. Jones. I'm still seeing the Post Traumatic Stress Therapist now.
Richard, for your support, ideas and technical know-how with the website. What a great website, (S.A. I mean).
Teresa, of Shasta fame, who's synopsis made ME want to read my manuscript again and for kicking my butt... but that's another story.
All at Struggling Authors for their occasional, well timed support.
Lastly, but definitely not leastly, my wife and kids for their unstinting belief in everything I do. (wipes a tear away...) I LOVE YOU ALL !!! (runs weeping from the podium)

So, Oscar "Thank You's" all given out, let's get to business.
I sent the covering letter, new synopsis and the first three chapters off today.
Fingers crossed, eh?

It's a very good name in literary representation and I'm probably punching above my weight, which if you knew my beer belly ... well never mind; but I am optimistic.

So it's either Shampers all round, (no, not shampoo Tee) or practise that Hangman's noose thing in a couple of weeks, depending on the outcome.

I rather like Sparkling Wine to be honest so fingers, toes and any other dangly bits crossed, eh?

I hope the Angels are smiling on me on this one, I really do.
Reg :-)

2 Kommentare:

Anonym hat gesagt…

Get outta here ya big Jessie.
Hey in our bar in the nick it's shampoo (dry or normal!).
You do realise I want a mention in the credits of the book .....
I guess it's about time I got back in the swing of things and did another epic on my blog.Well I am back at work now after nearly three weeks off. Oh well tomorrow will do. Now that sounds like someopne from the Division of the Dammed. So.........when you starting Division of the Dammed Two then me ole flower? Or should that be me ole dia (Is that how they spell the welsh version?)

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Well tee, I've started it already !
Gasp ! Shock !! Horror !!!
Unfortunately, in a fit of pique, I erased it all.
I even erased the storyline I had painstakingly built up over a period of months.
I'm keeping with the SS in the Gulag situation because it's good, imaginative and the characters are perfect under stress.
However, I did have some Nephilim in there and though the ancient Sumerians believed in the Nephilim the idea was too vague for my taste and probably a lot of others too.
So it's more or less the same but without the Sons of the Angels, as it were.
Am I wibbling here?
Flower is actually Blodyn in Welsh.