Samstag, 1. März 2008

Well what a week I've had.
Wednesday I slotted the battery in again and give it another go.
It worked.
I jumped on and whizzed around the village, (I live in a village in case you didn't know, population of 23, four of which are old age geese), in my trackie bottoms, Homer Simpson tshirt and slippers, oh and no helmet.
Thursday I planned my jaunt a bit more and wore normal clothing and safety gear. It rode like a dream and I managed to get 40 kmh out of it; not bad when you consider it hasn't moved under its own power for over 18 months now.
Now all I need is a bit of insurance and I'll be terrorizing Frau Schmidt from number 10, down the road, with loud revving and honking of horns before you can say "Hairdryer"!!

Work, on the other hand, has been a nightmare and I'm not a happy teddy, I can tell you.
Never mind, life goes on with or without you, eh?

Have a spanking weekend, (not meant literally there) and I'll catch you again.
Reg :-)

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