Samstag, 29. März 2008

It's Saturday morning.
I wonder if it's there yet?
There could be someone at the Agency right now reading through it and thinking,
"Cor Blimey, this is a bleedin' winner if ever there woz one!"
(The agency is in London so I envisaged a Cockney agent, hence the attempted accent.)

Nightshift last night.
It was bloody murder, literally !!!
One of the chaps ran over a pidgeon, (well we think it was a pidgeon, it was very squashed) with his Schlackentransporter.
They're seven meters wide, five meters tall, twelve meters long, weigh over eighty ton, and carry a load of up to eighty ton, (the vehicle that is, not the pidgeons) so you can imagine how flat and diskus-like the poor (supposed) bird was!
The driver obviously didn't do it on purpose, he's far too nice, but we still called him a cold-blooded murderer all night.
Who say's the Germans haven't got a sense of humour?

Wouldn't it be great if the agency phoned me up?
Or even left a message on my website or blog... I'm dreaming again aren't I?

I might have Angels in the next book, instead of Nephilim.
Have Lilith trying to start a second War of the Heavens or something... Mmmmmm...


Or..? Mmmmm.
Not too sure about Angel mythology.
I'm off to do some reading.

Bye all.
Reg :-)

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