Samstag, 8. März 2008

I can't tell a lie, I haven't touched the manuscript, synopsis or covering letter since Frankenscooter entered the sad series of mishaps and disasters that parade under the name of "Reg's Life".
All that stops here.
It's now 0023 hrs and I'm about to conduct a minor stealth incursion into the dark world of SS Division Vampyr...

I'll let you know what happens on Sunday...

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Thanks for birthday wishes. Yep yet another year under the belt. Just got back from doing a stint in the police bar with my sargeant and now totally trollied. I think he does it on purpose.....get me trollied that is.Face bothered? Nah.He thinks it's funny and I don't care.
Glad the kick up the proverbial worked. We all need that at times including me. Have now found a graphic art student who is working on my web site for me and she's mine all mine!.
Richard suggested that perhaps we should inter connect our web sites with regard to your blog being on my site and you giving me a mention on yours. I told him we have already done that and haven't heard from him since. Larfs.
Back to the wine bottle then. Damnation it's finished oh well just have to start another.