Freitag, 23. Januar 2009

So what's new then?
Well nothing actually.
I'm steadily eating up the pages on the "Hot Gates into a comic story" idea and my buddy, The Chee, wants to do it whether Dani can sort out something with one of her friends or not.
Which is mighty Welsh of him, actually.
I'm off now for the whole weekend, which is nice.
A party tonight and tomorrow followed by a Sunday of rest and recuperation on the sofa being tortured by my kids.

I'm sorting out an outline for a short story set in WW1. Nothing definite yet but it's on the tip of my cerebral lobes and I'll splurge it out onto a page sometime next week… sounds a bit naughty that doesn't it?
Only to the dirty-minded, Reg.
OK, whatever, catch you again.
Reg :-)

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