Donnerstag, 8. Januar 2009

42 today, 42 today.
He's got the key to the door,
never been 42 before...
Happy Birthday me!!!

Right, to business.
I sent my short story off yesterday. The Ides of March is about Markus Brutus discovering that Caesar is a vampire and the subsequent series of events that lead up to Caesar's assassination.
Sounds wacky?
Yeah, that's what my Mam said.
Whatever, there it be and there it goes.

So that's it for now. I'm off for my Birthday breakfast of Birthday Boy corn flakes and Birthday Boy toast and jam.
Smile if you're hungry...

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Anonym hat gesagt…

It's me alive and kicking.
I hibernate at this time of the year you know. I hate it and was born in the wrong country I guess.

Just begining to get to the other side of this virus. This strain takes at least six weeks to shake off and unfortunately it's immune to antibiotics. Most of the guys and gals I work with have had it also. We think it's gone and go back to work but it returns with vengance. So there you have it.

Happy birthday to you; squashed tomatoes with stew; bread and butter in the gutter; happy birthday to you!!! ^.^ 42 ??? you haven't started living yet baby.
Oh and I just had toast and jam.

So...Shastering ... well everything possible to get it in pristine condition has been done. However the agents in America are now doing the long haul of finding a publisher for me which as you know is in the lap of Zeus. So I have to be patient. I have learnt this the hard way.

My blog though I have been lazy with it whilst poorly. Also I have been looking after the baby when my daughter in law has been in hospital. (She has Cis.Fibrosis and does regular trips to London Hospital). So there are all my excuses for that. I am also redecorating my sons old room as a guest room and I have been taking my time over things to get it right.
Two of my colleagues popped in for a cuppa last night whilst on a call in my area just to check on me. What it is to be loved.
I have not made any new year resolutions as I always break them ^.^ but I will try and do more on my blog and S.A. I did "speak" to RG just before Crimbo and he is now at the stage with his book of editing etc. So we all seem to be playing catch up.
Hope all went well with your birthday.
Let me see The Hot Gates when proof read. I am probably your best critic as I have said before .... where DO you get the names from?
Laters then hun