Donnerstag, 15. Januar 2009

So here's the plan.
You know about the 300-Spartans-go-vampire story that I scribbled down.
Well a mate of mine is a graphic designer, who is itching to do a graphic novel.
It was originally intended to do it for 'Division' but the time involved in changing a 140,000 word novel into an elongated comic book was too daunting to really consider.
We played with the thought every time we were whammoed together but it never went any place further than the drunken drawing board.
However, The Hot Gates, as it's called is only 10,275 words. A far more promising project, with closer horizons and a tighter play.
It's a job that could be accomplished in his spare time and not get in the way of his career.

So The Chief, (The Chief of Beers, what a stupid nickname. We also call him The Chee, which is even stupider.)
As I was saying, the Chief is willing to put The Hot Gates down in comic form.
However, I don't want to mess the boy around. It would be far better to find a publishing firm who deal in this type of literature first and then put it to paper.
That's where my friend Dani comes in.
When we first mentioned putting Div. of the Damned into comic form, Dani said that she knew two comic book publishers personally.
"Well," said I, "do you think they'd be interested in this?"
"I don't know" was the reply. "I'll have to find out."
And that's where it all sort of drizzled out.
Anyway, I've asked her again if she's still in contact with these comic book dudes and I'm hoping against hope that she say's yes.
I can't tell you how much I'm hoping here, lol.

Whatever, now you know.
Have a good one, whatever it is you're doing.
Reg J

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Well I'm sitting here in my fluffy pink dressing gown reading your blog which puts mine to shame.

Personally I would leave Division as it stands. However the hot gates has the potential for graphics.

Any good flower?

Anonym hat gesagt…

Yep i've come out of the woodwork and brushed myself down.

Sooo........magazines are like that. They think they are gods over all. Well choose another mag that is into vampires etc. Also do a bit of nip and tuck on the words.

What about approaching tv/radio as serialisation. radio 4 in England for instance still turns out stories during the day and evening.
Don't forget our bible incorporates this and perhaps you can get a few "ins" this way.
Best of luck.