Montag, 10. März 2008

Actually, it's about 15 minutes into Monday morning but I'm not one to be pedantic about these things.

Friday I wrote a short, simple synopsis and binned it. It was stilted, the timing was awful and my attempt at seriousness with an undercurrent of subtle wit came across like a vicar telling jokes at a funeral.
I decided to do it on Saturday.
Unfortunately Saturday coincided with Wales winning the rugby and when I came home from shift I picked a mate up and we drank the night away in celebration, (although he's English... whatever.)
So, all in all it wasn't a very productive weekend after all.

I know, I know.
I hate me too.
But I'm defo on the right track to get it done this week.
It's all in the mind you see. Mental approach and all that.

Reg :-o

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Reg you do make me laugh. The cats story was so true and yes don't you love it when they decide to stock their own food cupboard? I have to say we only go up to the bar when off duty by the way.Otherwise we would have the Chief on our tails!
So come on then the can do it. Just a matter of applying yourself.
Think of the characters and ask questions of them. Would you like to see that happen to you? then turn it into a statement. (does that make sense)....or ask the reader audience... Will they meet the....Will they turn into zombies or whatever etc. State where the story takes place a cave/castle etc. Does that help.I haven't read the story of course. Make suggestions to the reader and then let them do the wondering about the result. I am now on leave for two weeks so maybe I can get a chance to look in more depth at your story.
Richard Grayling asked if we had links to one anothers web sites. If not could we do that? I explained we already had. Don't know if I told you that or not. Probably that extra year has brought on senile decay!!!!!!!!!
Cheers then Tee