Mittwoch, 22. Oktober 2008

Hey, check this out.

Very informative indeed.
Reg :-)

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Jane Smith hat gesagt…

That's a fantastic blog: I read it every day.

(OK, it's my blog. Thanks for the support. It's much appreciated.)

Anonym hat gesagt…

Well it seems to be centered around self publishing (usually expensive).......
However whats wrong with throwing your hat in with a couple of books. If you could afford it I guess it may be worth giving it a shot.
Sale or return? ok if you have some returned you could sell them to friends or whats wrong with ebay. Just a thought.

Jane Smith hat gesagt…

Just a small point....

My blog isn't centred around self-publishing, but on book publishing in general. I've posted a lot about the problems involved in self-publishing because my readers have asked questions about that: I'll be writing about more established methods of publishing in the future.

See you over there, I hope. Do ask questions, or suggest topics for me to consider. I'm happy to consider anything (so long as it's publishing-related).

Jane Smith hat gesagt…

Hello, THG.

Just a small point: my blog is about book publishing in general, not self-publishing (which is almost always a poor choice for a writer, and fraught with problems that few understand before they proceed).

I hope to see you over there: questions are welcome.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Ok that told me then :-) :-)

Hey Reggo - bonus we now have
someone else writing on our