Dienstag, 21. Oktober 2008

Another weekend lost to the demon drink.
Why is it all my guests save up their drinking stamina for the whole year to come and splurge it out at my place? The sad fact is that I can't do it anymore, drinking that is. I'm still good to go with the other thing, no problems there...

Look, let's just not go there, eh?

Anyway, I can keep up with the pace, it's just the days after that slay me.
One day my mates will come round and the strongest beverage we'll drink will be herbal tea.
Unfortunately it'll probably be when we HAVE to drink herbal tea because our ravaged coils have given up the ghost when it comes to booze.
I'm not complaining... but I am, sort of. Only because I'm not too perky at the moment though.

Oh whatever.
So, anyway, somebody else who has an idea of the literary world also thinks the Youwriteon.com thing isn't good.
So now I'm satisfied I'm doing the right thing by ignoring it.
Just need to slip back into the right frame of mind to do some writing again.

Ikea tomorrow. Now that has cast rather a dark cloud on the horizon.
Carrying heavy furniture and spending money on stuff that doesn't interest me, (like Nordic Jumble).

Reg :-/

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Oh bless. I'm there with you on the drinking. I'm off it at the moment as I was putting on a lot of weight. Age and the body don't cooperate as you move on in years. However when I do have the odd glass I really enjoy it instead of just drinking it. So smiles there.

I expect to see you writing again soon after the ikea experience of course. :-) Very brave of you to go.