Donnerstag, 16. Oktober 2008

What an awful day yesterday was.
I spent all day painting, then came home to watch Wales get beaten by Germany, 1-0.
We defended well with a few breaks on the counter. John Toshack said he'd be happy with a 0-0 draw and so would I have been.
However, it was not to be and Piotr Trochowski broke Welsh hearts around 70 minutes into the game with a cracker of a goal, all be it a cracker forthe German side.
Haven't done anything literal for a couple of days. I've just been decorating, filling holes in and sleeping, (not used to hard workI'm afraid).
Whatever, today is Ikea, (bah) and tomorrow and Saturday, Power Drinking the order of the day...
Tara. Reg

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Ok so it's Saturday and my guess is you are still under the table slowly recovering.
It's funny how literary moments come in droves and then you can't get re motivated. My lack of vitamin D this year has left me completely drained and I'm finding it very hard to get up to speed with anything.
It's a funny old world.