Freitag, 9. November 2007

Holiday, celebrate...

Well, Ads, my main man, has sorted out the 50 page manuscript for me so a hearty 'thankee soir' to the Hardon, (his name's Harding).

My query letter is done, the synopsis too, (though to be honest I hate the fact I had to leave so much out of it to get it on one page but what the hell, eh?)

So if all goes well I should be able to send it all off next week, Tuesday. The rejection should come around Christmas time I reckon. Apparently the suicide rates among young(-hearted) Welsh would-be authors is very high around the festive season...
What am I saying, it's gonna be a Chrimbo Presy, "Mr. Jones, yes I will represent you; in fact I've found a publisher already who wants to offer you a million pound book deal, his firstborn child and the keys to the city of Cardiff!!"

Optimism never hurt anybody, (unless your name's Adolph Hitler...)

Reg :-)

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