Mittwoch, 14. November 2007

Chance and fortune deal me blow after blow !!

Everything is set, the 50 page manuscript, the query letter, the synopsis and the envelopes. All I needed was the stamps for the self addressed envelope and that's when fickle fate stuck her treacherous oar in.

As it stands now in the EU, I cannot buy a stamp in Germany that will cover the postage from Britain. I thought there would be some sort of system in place but apparently not.

Luckily my aged but beloved parents are visiting and they'll post the manuscript and buy the necessary stamps for the second envelope. However that means it won't get posted until next week, Monday at the very earliest.

Does destiny slap everybody in the face with a dead fish like she does me?

Just goes to prove the old saying that, "if it can go wrong, it already has" is true.

On a good note, I'm feeling far more confident than I did the other day. Having it all laid out in front of me, the weapons of my assault on the literary world as it were, bolstered my spirits no end.
So bring on next Monday...

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Poor you.