Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2007

The hour draws nigh.
I've sent my manuscript off to be printed, (a full manuscript and the first three chapters) and now I'm juggling ideas for my query letter.

I'm thinking something along the lines of my introduction to this blog as a hook. If that doesn't move 'em, nothing will.
Then I'll slide on to a short outline of the story followed by a brief history of my writing experience, (namely nothing, so I think I'll drag the outline part out a bit. What do you think?).

Then I'll work on my synopsis. The one I have at the moment is way too long, has way too much info and is way too wordy.
Think, "Less is good", Reg, (that's me by the way.).

The thing is, I want to put the fiction across without leaving any details. But I also want to carry the story so the Agent/Editor doesn't get confused whilst reading it... or even worse, loses interest !!!
However, the synopsis I have now is four A4 pages long, with no gaps.
Too long?
I think so too.

An abridged synopsis, is that an example of tautology there?

Ah well, nil desperandum.
The keys are calling me, I must obey...
Catch you later.

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R Grayling hat gesagt…

I can't believe it's got to the plunge stage already! You must be very nervous/excited/all of the above.

Best of luck with the submission letter. If you are having trouble finding/choosing an agent then check out the official site for the Writer's & Artist's Yearbook at - http://www.writersandartists.co.uk/ - then you'll really be confused :-)

Good luck - lovin' your work

Struggling Authors

R Grayling hat gesagt…

Ah, me again...

Er, apparently you need an activation code from inside a copy of the latest copy of Writer's & Artists YB - oops