Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2007

what I lost on the weekend I more than made up for in the week.

I've been in contact with Richy from Struggling Authors about the website and it's all coming together nicely, thinks I.
We've found a couple of photos, rewritten the Biog/How I-came-upon-the-idea part and the logo that Chris did for me is also in there now.
We're not haring along but we're not tortoising it either.
I suppose you could say, "Softly softly catchy monkey", (whatever that's supposed to mean).

Anyway, enough of the pre-War folksayings, let's get back to business Ginger!
Chocks away, crates across the Briney and don't tell Mum... !
I'm in such a good mood, does it show?
Reg :-)

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Ron Pavellas hat gesagt…

Dear J.J., Thanks for your comment on my blog. It's a pleasure to know when my words have stimulated the cortex of another sufficiently to warrant a response. As for your proceeding through "male menopause," after my third mid-life crisis I formulated the verity that one should have such every five years or so to clean out the attic and make room for new stuff. I am sort of in one right now, but maybe it's just standard writer's angst. I haven't read your blog in full so I don't know why you are in "Tyskland." I'm in Sverige because I married a Swede. Hej då.