Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2007

Berlin, 1972. The photo of the SS soldiers standing amid the carnage of their crime was astounding. But it wasn’t the slaughter that grabbed the reporter’s attention; it was the weapons that the young soldiers in the picture carried. They were armed with swords.
Faulkner knew it was worth following up and the investigation led him to the long forgotten secret of the Division of the Damned.

Berlin, January 1944. Reichsmarshal Heinrich Himmler sends SS Standartenführer Markus Von Struck on a mission that could bring the Third Reich back from the cusp of destruction; unaware that its success will inevitably lead to the ruin and enslavement of all humankind.

I hope so, this is the basis of the plot of my first full lengh novel, 'The Division of the Damned'.
It follows the story of SS Standartenführer Markus Von Struck and his oddysee from Himmler's office in January 1944 to battling a vampire army in the Carpathian mountains one year later.

Still interested?
Well I hope I can inspire the same interest in a Literary Agent who will then represent my book to the man-eating Editors of the Printing World.
Legend has it that only 1% of books ever get to print without the help and guidance of an agent so I think it's defo. a good move for me to try and entice a reputable agent into my parlour...

However, before I send anything off I have to do some groundwork, (prepare the manuscript, write a letter, save up a bribe; you get the idea.)

So I'll leave it for now.
Catch yer around :-)

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R Grayling hat gesagt…

Wow Colwyn,

Seriously, my kinda story line - I'd love to see a bit more at some point. If you do anything today (or after your shift) then please have a quick look at these sites: - these are accepting manuscripts but primarily this page is a useful check list for people in your position.
We've been speaking to one of their authors, Gary Davison, who recently secured a 3 book deal through them. His debut novel comes out in Feb so he is doing the interview, competition and book of the month thing for us. (So you can see we are true to our word where new authors are concerned)

Best of luck with the submission


SammiH hat gesagt…

Hi Colwyn,

Not my normal fiction reading matter I have to admit, but I'm intruiged. Would definitely read more!

Ron Pavellas hat gesagt…

Hello Colwyn,

You've got a lot of energy behind that story. The "swords" beginning catches my interest. If you post more I'll keep reading it. I have no publishing or agent experience, but will look forward to learning of yours.
Ron Pavellas