Donnerstag, 18. Oktober 2007

Now we're really ticking.
The synopsis is down to a healthy two pages, (A4 with no gaps).
I'm not happy with how it presents the story but it's in the zone for the lengh.
A scribble here, a delete there and I'm sure it'll be fit for presentation.

I'll be honest though, I sweated blood on it.
Every line was checked for word economy and information delivery.
It's not finished yet but I'm optimistic. I've got to be;
let's face it, if I'm not optimistic about my chances, who will be?

Despite the intensity of my workload, (the synopsis, query letter and doing shifts at the steelworks), I've decided to enter a writing competition.

"What?", I hear you scream, "Are you mad?"
No, not mad; audacious.

I won't go too much into it, follow the link and take it from there Sherlock.

It looks right up my alley and ignore the uninvited double entendre there please.

Another 'audacious' project on the near horizon is a website dedicated to the book, or series of books, I intend to write... and publish. (Never say die.).
Nothng concrete yet but the key to success is in the planning and preparation, so watch this space...
Right, got some P&P to do,
(Planning and Preparation?
No, Partaking of Plonk!)

Bon soir.

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