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The Taylor Street Gang files, part 7. Teresa Geering.

The Darling of Taylor, Teresa Geering, (Mad Tee to everyone there).

I've known Tee since I started trying to get my act together with writing. We used to "hang around" the Struggling Authors website like a pair of vultures, picking up information here, doling out bad info there and giggling about it like teenagers on crack.
It was Tee who dragged me kicking and screaming over to Night, (the forerunner of Taylor Street).

Known as one the most helpful people on Taylor, let's checkout the blurb for her two books and then head on into the questions.

The Eye of Erasmus.
'The Eye of Erasmus' is the first of a series of four inter-related fables about time and fate, told in Teresa Geering's characteristic hypnotic prose.

It tells of Erasmus, a baby born during a thunder storm, who is clearly destined to be special, with his flashing black eyes and haughty ways, until he finds love.

The trouble is that the girl literally ‘of his dreams’ hasn't actually been born yet.

No problem …… Oh, but there is ……. Danger lurks ……..

Shasta's Summer
'Shasta Summer' is an entrancing addition to Teresa Geering's romance / fantasy series 'Erasmus, Shasta & Merlin' in which the cunning and resourceful Erasmus continues his devilish attempts to secure the beautiful and enchanting Shasta as his own, while she and Merlin renew their enduring love for each other, impeded by the unfortunate fact that a spell from a previous century has transformed Merlin into a cat.

Written in seductive and mesmerising prose which gives it the feel of an authentic time-honoured fable, 'Shasta Summer' continues the tradition of the much-acclaimed 'The Eye of Erasmus' which records another such attempt by Erasmus when he espies Shasta across the centuries in a vision.

The books in the series can be read and enjoyed in any order and by readers of any age from six to ninety-six.

 1.)   Tell us about yourself
 Answer: I’m a complete nutcase who loves to write.

2.)  What genre do you specialise in?
Answer: Normally I time travel with my books and shove in a bit of fantasy here and there. I love a good bit of Romance as well though. Don’t you? My current work in progress is time travel interspersed with drug taking and crime. A new venture for me but I love a good crime if you can get away with it.

3.)   What's your inspiration.
Answer: I love to people watch and get inspiration that way. Some people call me a nosy ol’ bugger while others are convinced I’m a pervert! LOL They don’t know what I’m up to though, but when I tell them what I’m doing, they’re keen to know how I will use them as a character.

4.)  Who is your favourite author, why and did he/she inspire you to write in any way?
Answer: I don’t have a favourite author at all. If I’m attracted to a book cover I will investigate. If the first couple of pages grab me then that’s good enough for me to continue reading.

5.)  How do you feel about Taylor?
Answer: Taylor Street Publishing is probably one of the best publishing houses I have ever come across. Although new and a small company its prime consideration is always its authors and how they can best promote them. I do believe that with their combined vision it will become a publishing house of major repute.

6)  What are your plans?
 Answer: To settle down in front of the TV with a nice curry and several glassed of red wine… Oh did you mean my writing career? Well I plan to write many more books which will be of varied genre. Otherwise you can become stale I think. I will of course have endless money generated by the sale of my books!! I will buy Richard Branson’s island from him at a knock down price and invite all my author friends to join me as money will be no object. J

7.) Go for it, sell your work. (Links, reviews, what ever you want).
Answer: My first book The Eye of Erasmus was published in June 2010 followed a year later by Shasta Summer. Both books are published by Taylor Street Publishing House of San Francisco. I have been very lucky with sales and during June/July I sold 183 books and had 2300+ free downloads. This seems to have generated even more sales and I understand I have sold several more this month also.

            Blog: http://
Many thanks my friend xxx

No, thank you Tee ;-)
So now you know peeps!


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Author T K Geering hat gesagt…

I'm still giggling. We were and still are sooooooo naughty. Thank you and lurve ya (don't tell the wife though as no one will know apart from the internet world) Hahahahahahah xxx

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

The secret is safe with me ;-)

Mike Church hat gesagt…

"Known as one the most helpful people on Taylor, ...."

Actually, I'd say "Known as the most helpful person in hyperspace, ...". Tee's been a great support to many struggling authors. She seems to be attracted to middle-aged married expats, though I'm not sure why?

Her books are great, by the way. Wonderful imaginative stories, which I think even 97-year olds could enjoy.

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Abso-blinking-lutely mate.
Agreed on all points.

Soooz Burke hat gesagt…

Great post ... and yes Tee is a darling, and a wonderfully talented author. I am so very privileged to be considered her friend. Thanks for the support in these posts Reggie.

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

No probs Suzannah, I should be thanking everyone who participated.
If you want , I'd love you to put something up as well?