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The Taylor Street Gang files, part 2. Splinker!

Ok peeps, next up on the Altar of Sacrifice is Splinker.

One of the more serious members of the Taylor Street Gang, (the more I write that, the more it sounds like a comic strip story), whose book "I've been deader" reflects on the darker side of zombie love.

Here's the blurb:

Being a zombie is no picnic and it's one hell of a handicap in the romance department when you fall in love with a 'breather':

Aleta is a breather with short blonde hair and brown eyes - two of them! - and the whitest smile Fred has ever seen. Every day at a certain time she sits at her window, and every day he stands in the rubble across the street among a crowd of zombies waiting to break through the fence and eat her.

'You are beautiful, like an angel', he thinks, but all he can moan is, “Braaaiiinss."

Still, as zombies go, Fred's quite a catch. Underneath all the gangrene and rot, Fred is different. This girl will probably turn out to be yet another dead end, an infatuation, someone whose image he cannot get out of his mind and whose taste he cannot get out of his mouth, but the heart wants what the heart wants.

For breathers, it is always only a matter of time, however beautiful they are and whatever the government is assuring people.

Which makes Fred sad because he has a beautiful 11 year old son called Timmy, and Timmy may still be alive.

Sound good?
Well here's the interview, take it away Splinks!

1.) Tell us about yourself
 I enjoy bull fighting and bull shitting, and I'm bull shitting about the bull fighting.  I write when there's nothing on T.V. or when I'm too tired to look at internet porn, because after porn and T.V. -- and video games -- writing is the most important thing in my life.  Oops.  And family.  Family is important.  It's especially important to mention family, as they can get quite vocal when ignored.

2.) What genre do you specialise in?
 At the moment, my focus is on the horror/comedy genre.  A bit of niche market, but I do it well.  I got the idea when I first heard the phrase "scared the shit out of me!"  I thought to myself, 'now, that would be pretty funny.'

3.) What's your inspiration.
 My inspiration is anticipated praise.  My main reason for writing is to hear people say how much they enjoyed my stories.  That's what I live for.  Unless you're talking poetry.  Then my inspiration is the thought of getting women to notice me..

4.) Who is your favourite author, why and did he/she inspire you to write in any way?
 My favorite author is Stephen King.  I mean, that guy can write 120,000 words about a scary pillow and make a million.  I grew up reading his books (this was before internet porn) and I'd say both him and Ray Bradbury were the biggest influences on my writing.

5.) How do you feel about Taylor?
 Not crazy about the ham, but I like the publisher.  They are hands on and know what they're doing when it comes to marketing.  I've enjoyed working with them.  (Hey Taylor, how about bumping the price of "I've Been Deader" up to two bucks so we can both get something to eat??)

6.) What are your plans?
 I'm finishing up the prequel to "I've Been Deader" and hope to have it available for Halloween.  I'm also doing another collection of short stories called "Inside My Shorts:  Now longer and More Gripping than Ever!" (working title).

7.) Go for it, sell your work.
  I don't like to self-promote.  It makes me feel funny to talk about my books.  When "I've Been Deader," a near perfect blend of horror and comedy was first made available on Amazon, I refused to let anyone know, even friends and family, although this was mostly due to the fact that I was sleeping.  If you really have nothing better to do, you can find it here:   Unless you've been to Bangkok, I promise it will be the best buck you've ever spent.
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Thanks for reading!

No dude, thanks for answering.
Believe it or not, he's a pretty good guy.
Take it easy.
Reggie. :-D

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Mike Church hat gesagt…

Great interview! Loved the into line about bull-fighting and bull-shitting, but it was all a great read.

[Private note to Reggie: do you think it's a good idea to let people who are even funnier than us post their thoughts on our blogs?]

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Damn, I never even thought of that!