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The Taylor Street Gang files, part 3. Matt Hammond.

Matt Hammond, Taylor's resident Kiwi, has written a book set in New Zealand, the place he chooses to call home. Milkshake,  an Eco thriller, is a book I'd readily recommend to anyone who likes their thrillers on a massive, country wide scale.

Here's the blurb on Amazon, then Matt will tell you about how he came onto the idea.


On the day David Turner is supposed to emigrate to New Zealand, he witnesses a savage murder and becomes caught up in ruthless global conspiracy. 

A thirty year-old technological discovery threatens his own future and jeopardises the lives of millions of others as David discovers that starting a new life is about to become a deadly game of cat and mouse... and, somewhat surprisingly, cows.

Modifying milk so that ethanol can be processed from it could be the solution to an impending global oil crisis, but drinking it will kill you.

Can the truth be uncovered before an entire country is sacrificed to satisfy the world's demand for bio-fuel?

OK, got that? Now Matt Hammond, COME ON DOWN !!!

1.) Tell us about yourself

I've lived in New Zealand for 10 years.
It's the closest man has yet got to living on the moon.
Spending each day in the most geographically isolated 1st world country on the planet helps with the sense of being outside the 21st century, looking in. We have all the modern conveniences of century twenty one whilst socially still being mostly in the 1970's

2.) What genre do you specialise in?

I wrote 'Milkshake; intending it to be an autobiographical travelogue. Imagination soon took over and halfway through I realised the first-person autobiography had become a third person thriller. Bizarre, as I'd never read a thriller in my life!

3.) What was your inspiration?

The inspiration came from the things already mentioned; New Zealand's comparative global isolation and its unique culture. I wondered what if the reasons for this situation were not just evolutionary. Had it someway been manipulated - what if New Zealand was some vast social experiment?

I've since found out large multinationals often try out new products and technology here first, precisely because of the population's (only 4 million people) high level of consumer awareness and the isolated nature of our technological infrastructure.

4.) Who is your favourite author, why and did he/she inspire you to write in any way?

I'm not sure if I'm ashamed or secretly quite proud to say I don't have a favourite author, primarily because I rarely read books. I've probably read less than 15 in the last thirty years. But I do devour news and current affairs and much of both 'Milkshake' and it's sequel (due soon) 'The Destiny Stone' - are based on actual and relatively recent events. I like the idea the reader is able to check my plots and find the same surprising links I did.

5.) How do you feel about Taylor?

I appreciate the opportunity Taylor Street has given me to have my first attempt (ever) at writing a story published.
At a time when the world of publishing is going through the biggest upheaval possibly since monks were put out of work by the invention of the printing press, it's exciting to feel, as a novice, I am still at the forefront of this huge revolution.
It still feels weird to think possibly several thousand people I will never know, have read something I've written, and that anyone with access to the internet, anywhere in the world, can do the same.

6.) What are your plans?

My immediate plans are to look forward to the publication of the next part of the story - 'The Destiny Stone'. I learned a great deal writing the first story and think this second one is a far stronger and even more gripping plot. I'm hoping the people who have read the first one will want to read the next. The trouble is, I got to the end and realised the story is not yet done. There are still loose ends, still some unfinished business.
'Milkshake' took over 5 years. 'Destiny Stone' took a year. I have a few ideas for the third instalment.
In the meantime I may get sidetracked with writing a screen play, since many readers have commented on the cinematic quality of 'Milkshake' and this continues in 'The Destiny Stone'.
I've never tackled a screenplay. But now I know anything's possible!

Nice one Matt!
So peeps, Matt Hammond, the guy who put my Vanilla Thickshakes in a more suspicious light, and I'll never forgive him for it  ;-)

Thanks all, take it easy.
Reggie ;-)

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Mike Church hat gesagt…

"I wrote 'Milkshake; intending it to be an autobiographical travelogue. Imagination soon took over and halfway through I realised the first-person autobiography had become a third person thriller. Bizarre, as I'd never read a thriller in my life!"

It's fascinating how things rarely work out in real life as we originally intended!

Matt's always a good read, always very eloquent and interesting in his observations, and this interview is no exception.

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Fair play, he does read well.
He lives in New Zealand, apparently; though I don't always believe what I read.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Good interview. I always like to hear how other authors get their ideas and what inspires them.