Freitag, 23. April 2010

The Story so far…

The Story so far…

You might remember my little rant about publishing houses not sending rejection letters/slips/pieces of used tissue out any more because of the volume of traffic they receive and the cost in time and energy it takes in replying to all of them.

Well the other day I received a nice email asking me for the manuscript for “Division”!!!

Gasp, shock, deep joy!

Yes, that very same publishing house that suffered the full force of my vitriolic broadside actually showed some interest. I’m to deny any other publishing house the unbridled pleasure of scanning my mighty tome for a whole eight weeks until they’ve read it through and I hear from them to say they don’t want it (sadness) or do, (happiness).

So that’s that then.

Nothing more really to report except to wish you all a very merry Christmas… I mean have a good weekend.

I’m on nightshift until 6 O’clock Monday morning but it’s OK, I’ve got bills to pay and a family to feed so I can live with it.

Have a good one.


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Vanessa hat gesagt…

WOW! weeee!!!

I know, I know, but we have to celebrate every little thing no matter how it ends ;)

YYeeeeaaaaahhhhh! Go Reg!!

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Thanks V, but I'm a tad more cautious nowadays.
in eight weeks time I'll know more, but thanks for being so "up" about it, lol.

R Grayling hat gesagt…

AAieeeeeeeee.... (or whatever the Battle Action comics used to print in times of great joy!)

Reg, seriously - I'm keeping my swollen ankle crossed for you!

SA Interview here we come!!!!


R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Lol, well, let's just see what happens, eh?
Thanks anyway Rich.

Tee hat gesagt…

Keep the faith hun. :-)
Did i tell you it was good or did I tell you it was good.
All my bits are crossed for you.

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Thankee Tee, I thankee...
Like I said, I've been here before so let's just wait and see. Though I can't tell a lie, I'm thinking of going to church to do some praying on this one, lol.

Vanessa hat gesagt…

Reg - if they say 'no, thanks' and you did some celebration, so what? Fuck'em! :P

Lets celebrate that they wanted to read it. Lets celebrate that you are one step closer!

Celebration was NEVER a bad thing... only if you drink too much and won't stop talking :P

Keep positive Reg.

Vanessa hat gesagt…

Question 1:

So you decided to apply directly to Publishing Houses? No Agent then?

Question 2:

You seem so cautious. How long ago have you started to send Submissions for the first time. 2 Years?

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Well V, the thing is, why would an agent want to represent me?
They're only interested in representing people they know they can sell. If I was already published or famous then perhaps yes, I would need and be able to attract an agency for representation, however...
I spent my first year writing to all sorts of agent type people and then I received this from Mr. J. Jarrold.

I'm afraid you'll have to copy and paste the link and then when you're there you'll have to highlight the text he sent me.
After that, I binned the idea of an agent.
I wrote a little ditty about my life trials for Struggling Authors, if Richard doesn't want to use it anymore I might pop it up on my blog so you can see the odyssey I went through.

As to your second question, I waited a year before I received the rejection and that came just before Christmas. I was gutted, the longer it went the longer I KNEW I was in, alas it was not to be... Whatever, at least Severed Press have given me a definite deadline, after which I can move on... hope I don't have to though, they look like just what you want in a publisher lol.

Vanessa hat gesagt…

Oh Reg,

I'm sorry to hear you've been at this for so long and I can only start to imagine how rejection letters break us down... but they really do. (My experience at rejection is not writing related - yet - though; but I had a lot of that in University, my teachers hated me because I asked a lot of questions and never kissed their little rich butts! lol)

I would like to know about the journey you had on this subject, yes. It helps to keep things 'real'.

I'm a weird person dealing with rejections. Rejections always make me want to keep trying and do better. I only give up when someone tells me it's out of my control... so I guess it would be something like the letter you received that would break me into pieces as well...

Good, but not good enough. Don't know... The part where the agent said the prose has to be really special frightened me because I don't know if my english will ever be any especial... I just know that I have to try at least with one book or two.

As for you choosing a Publishing House, I really thought that if it is hard enough to get an agent it would be even harder to get a Publisher, because I thought they didn't even open letter that didn't come from agents anymore... are you saying it isn't so?

Anyway, now, in the present, it's all about YOU mister. I'll be here, fingers crossed, wishing you
the best luck in the World.

Hugs from the green dwarfs ;)

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

You have to look through the web and find publishing houses that take unsolicited manuscripts.
There are quite a few out there but obviously they're not one of the monster firms.
As for the time I've invested in writing, well, I like writing and could have started the story when I was 12.
I'm also a realist in regards to my talent and experience and only do it part time; so the time aspect doesn't really play a big roll for me. ;-)