Montag, 5. April 2010

House of Horror use my short story. Wahay!!

There’s me, writing that I’ve nothing to report and lo and behold I’ve found I’m in print again!

Well, actually I’m on a short story website but it’s all semantics when it comes out in the wash.
Go to this link and have a read:

And feel free to tell me what you think peeps.

As promised, I’m going to start on my rewrite today. However, after finding my efforts being so proudly broadcast on the electric interweb thing, I’m going to immerse myself into the world of the vampire and 3rd Reich with a passion of obsessive-compulsive proportions.

Wahay, Nobel Literary prize, here I come!

(Optimism always was my forte. I’m in a good mood now, does it show?)

Reg :-)

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Vanessa hat gesagt…

I promise to read when I have a break. You see, I promised myself that I would go full-speed on my writing today ... which was put on hold last couple of weeks...

yes, I'm ashamed, no matter the excuses of going on holidays and then getting ill... Now I see how much I lost on holding back my writing :(

So, got to work.
Good luck with yours and congrats! ;)

tee hat gesagt…

Told you that you were good. As soon as I get time I will include it in my blog. =)

Paula RC hat gesagt…

It's wonderful Reg! What a great read! I look forward to reading more of your work, especially when I walk into a bookshop to buy it.
J x

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Aw thanks peeps, I'm blushing like a virgin bride at the moment.

tee hat gesagt…

Ha ha you crack me up babe.

Vanessa hat gesagt…

Read it today.

I think you write well. I can 'hear' your dialogues; your transitions are nice and smooth and your characters have depth even in the limited length of this short story.

It's perfect on its craft, however, story-wise, it had all the things I already read in all vampire books and movies. Every scene, every movement and detail was made of things we've all read or saw before.

Therefore, it doesn't have that special thing that makes me want to keep on reading it. I've read until the end because it was yours, not because it was not predictable.

Take each scene in your stories and re-write it adding something completely different from what we may expect the characters may do. Make them bite in a different place or make them hide in an odd location or make them say unexpected words or make them think in odd ways... and your story will gain originality and people will crave to read it 'til the end.

We can all say the same old story and still make it original. Page-turning stories are made of surprising details.

Hope, my comments helped.
If not, just ignore me ;)

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Thanks V, honesty is always the best policy regardless of how many tears are spilt because of it...
Your critique is way above my head so it's cool to hear something that's a stage further than my level of ability. I tend to have a beginning and an end and the rest is a bowl of spaghetti that needs straightening out, lol. Hence my scenes don't take as much of my thought process up as they should because I'm rushing to ply the reader with the kick at the end. The technicalities of what makes a scene are lost to me anyway and I'm afraid I simply haven't the time, (or the inclination if I'm honest) to read up on it and implement it.

I'm defo gonna put some more of my stuff on the blog, thanks for the feedback people, I really do appreciate it, (thought the positive went down sweeter than the truthful, lol)
Have a great week :-)

Vanessa hat gesagt…

Sorry for that mate. I'm only honest when I think the writing has what it takes to transition from good to great.

From reading this story and the other one you posted before I could easily grasp that you focus on a surprising ending (and I do like your endings) but forget that the reader reads to enjoy the whole process (every paragraph of it) and not just to get to the end.

I'm not above you my friend, I just have more time on my own to think and re-think about these things.

And as you can recall my only critique to your last posted story was the last line of text. Apart from that (which I still feel is unnecessary because I understood the male character as soon as I read the woman was dead) it was great.

I have to write a short story someday and post it on my blog so that we flip the cards and you can comment at will :)

Hugs from Ireland,

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

No need to be sorry, I know my limitations and if one cannot accept an opinion one shouldn't put something out to be opinionated on.
I didn't take it in the wrong way at all and appreciated ALL the feedback I received, even the crucifixion, lool.
Thanks once again peeps and now I must be off to work... :-(