Montag, 5. April 2010

Happy Easter peeps!

Happy Easter peeps!

I’m afraid I have absolutely nothing to report on the writing front, (again). I haven’t even looked at Division, which is both bogus and sad. However, I will tomorrow.

I want to get this rewrite out of the way so I can start on the other book; but you know that anyway.

This Easter weekend was busy, busy and busy. I worked late shift the last few days but was also invited to a couple of parties, which went on until well into the wee hours.

So now I’m as burnt out as a roasted snail!

However, that just highlights the down side to working shifts. The money’s good, no mistake there, but the work to life ratio suffers abnormally when your days off are, say, Monday and Tuesday. This whole weekend I was away from 13.30 hours to 22.30 hours which means my kids didn’t see me in the afternoons, (and how they cheered).

Whatever, it can’t be helped, the money’s important at the moment and that’s that.

Right, I’m wibbling again aren’t I?


Reg. ;-)

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tee hat gesagt…

The thing is me ole chip butty we all have lives away from the computer. (Mostly I forget that). I have been v busy one way and another but I came to the point where I had to ignore Authonomy for a couple of days to reclaim my other life. Needless to say I went down about 200+ places.
Since I've joined NP I feel much more optomistic though. I do know they published a book by Steven someone and if I can't find it I will private message Tim Roux and find out why. As it's 'net based you should be able to find it i'm thinking.
Money frequently rules a happy household these days unfortunately and I'm convinced that the silver spoon in the mouth syndrome is defo not for us mere mortals.
Belated Happy Easter but summer is round the corner.

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

I know why I couldn't find it on Amazon. In the interview you did with Tim, he say's that they work with Amazon USA, not any of the European versions.
That's why Tee.