Mittwoch, 14. April 2010

€377 for some drum pedals

I haven’t achieved anything lately. I wanted to do so much but fatigue, kids, work and laziness just seemed to get in the way.
I have, however, purchased a set of pedals for my drums.

I know, I know, it has nothing to do with my writing but I’m desperate here so bear with me.

The make is Tama and they’re the legendary Iron Cobra Rolling Glide model. €377, which is a good price for a good double foot machine and I’m very happy about it.

The double foot machine that I have now is old and stiffer than an overdose of Viagra. They work but they make me work too which sort of takes the edge of any speed I might achieve.

I hummed and harred for a while, (like 2 years) because of the price but then I just went for it and now I’m glad I did. Here they are, my proud beauties:

So now you know two things peeps:

1.) Writing isn’t my only pastime.

2.) I’m not tight fisted but I like to see if I can find a bargain before I splash out, which is why I waited 2 years before buying them.

Take it easy.

Reg :-)

8 Kommentare:

tee hat gesagt…

........... and beautiful drum pedals they are my friend. We all like a bargain so good on yer.
Now get back to your writing your lazy s*d. :-)

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

They are nice, aren't they?
I can't write today Tee, I have my orders from, "She who must be obeyed" so it's garden and shed time again.
Whatever, I'll rush through it and do something tonight or tomorrow.
Have you entered the short story comp on Linkedin?*2%2Eana_2256570_1271321011149_3_1

Have a go Tee, youD probably win.

Vanessa hat gesagt…

Good for you :)

tee hat gesagt…

Actually I just had a look but couldn't find anything about it, or where to enter. Bit numpty today I'm afraid. Overdose of next doors petrol mower I think !!

tee hat gesagt…

Right then I just had a look. I haven't got one of the characters shown in your link on my keyboard. It actually looks like an ampisand (is that how you spell it?)This is then followed by....... tgid.
Of course I am a bit numpty today so it could be that I guess.

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

It's finished now anyway Tee. But they'll have one for next month so why not give it a go?

tee hat gesagt…

The story of my life :-)
Ok will you let me know when the next one is please as I don't get on that site much.

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

But of course Teester.